How Can I Use Instagram Live Rooms In My Digital Marketing Strategy?

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With over one billion active users every single month, Instagram is definitely one of the liveliest social media platforms in the world.

The challenge? Huge volumes of traffic can make it challenging for brands to stand as well as and reach consumers in the most effective way possible. What’s more, it’s quite challenging in order to produce income from a platform with over 25 million brand accounts that you need to compete with.

How do you separate your organisation from the competition from a digital marketing point of view?

The answer is by making social media marketing more personalised again, which is where Instagram’s “Live Room” feature comes into play.

What Are Instagram Live Rooms?

Instagram Live Rooms allows you to invite up to three individuals to host a live broadcast with you. The tool is an update on Instagram’s popular “Live” feature, which allows you to go live with one co-host.

There’s really no need to buy fancy cameras or make the investment in new technology. If you’ve got an Instagram account, you will be able to set up a Live Room:

  • When you add a person to your Room, their followers receive a notification, which can assist you grow your follower base.
  • It’s up to you if you bring in all your guests at the same time or hold a “surprise guest” back for much later in the session.
  • You are able to run everything from charity fundraisers to shopping experiences live from any location.

Instagram Live Rooms Vs Clubhouse

Some of you may have already been exposed to a very similar functionality on the hyped, audio-only app Clubhouse, where people can join a live talk show. The difference is that the adoption of Clubhouse is still limited by its invitation-only model, while Instagram enjoys universal appeal and global reach.

Instagram users can also start or participate in a live session from any device or operating system, while Clubhouse was previously only available on iOS (although an Android version was recently released).

And unlike Clubhouse, Instagram Rooms work with video as well as audio, which offers a broader range of marketing applications for brands. Even though only four people can talk in an Instagram Live Room, millions of viewers can watch the show live. The platform also encourages community interaction, as viewers can write comments and send emojis.

What Are The Benefits Of Instagram Live Rooms?

Going live with multiple guests is a phenomenal way in order to increase your reach, as it will not only alert your followers, but it will also alert the followers of the guests you add in.

After doing a number of these live rooms, you will be able to get an indicator of how many followers like to engage with you as well as your guests, in addition to what topics resonate best with them.

Make note of the rooms and chats which get lots of interaction, and you can possibly do a series.

Live collaboration on stories is an exceptionally fun way to:

  • Generate new ideas as well as conversations.
  • Collaborate with other experts in your field.
  • Build your brand reputation as well as street cred in your industry.

These live rooms are also a superb way to engage with people around the world, establish your brand awareness, and attract new customers.

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