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Let’s admit, owning a business in a fast-paced world can be considered an extreme sport; a tiresome one too. If it’s not the technicalities of ensuring business operations are running smoothly internally, then it’s about how to maintain your brand’s relevance, especially in times of crises where a pandemic as bewildering as COVID-19 has knocked on the world’s doors and barged in unceremoniously. Let’s take a look at how the business and digital marketing worlds are evolving together:

1. Keeping up with the DMS (Digital Marketing Space)

How are we able to keep pace with all this change? The answer is simple—Digital Marketing. Engaging in the digital marketing world plays a huge role, by ensuring that companies of today’s digital era utilise their technological incentives fully, so that they may be considered ‘reigning supremes’ in the eyes of their corporate industry.

Direct and instant communication, through the use of various social media platforms, makes it possible for businesses to have a dedicated communication channel of their own. They are able to identify their target market and their needs, and tailor customised messages instead of simply general shotgun approached to communication.

2. Data + Content = Strategic Success

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, platforms such as Facebook (with 3.3 million of its users making posts every minute) and 29 million messages distributed on instant communication platforms such as WhatsApp are opportunities for marketers to obtain knowledge about their customers.

  • Be channel specific: Facebook might not be a favourable platform of interaction for your customers, but Instagram just might be perfect. To customers, engagement matters and it’s all up to your brand to choose the right platform.
  • Get personal: Digital engagement is a ‘make or break’ factor for your business. Your customers want to feel part of your brand’s story and it’s through personalised content that your business can make this a reality.
  • Data matters and so do your analytics: This is where your business gets to do a bit of self-evaluation on whether it’s achieving its desired outcomes. Insights and analytics come in handy when they are used to generate information on various data points, such as consumer behaviour and interactions, target market reach, etc.

3. Renovation is an Innovation

Transparency is not earned through a brand’s ability to sell a product or service with good behaviour. Still, instead, it’s in the methods the business uses that customers pay close attention too. Using ordinary people as influencers has become a worthwhile marketing strategy while demonstrating company ethos and advocating brand intimacy yields the results a successful but innovative business strives for.

Now that you know there’s more to business than meets the eye in ever-changing digital marketing space know that this ‘extreme’ sport can indeed take you to the winning league if only you would say NO to doubt and YES to committing to a digital future! 

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