How AI Is Revolutionising Sales And Marketing?

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In every industry, business leaders are waking up to the tremendous potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in terms of powering decision-making processes as well as streamlining complex or arduous tasks. The sales and marketing sector (SaM) is definitely no different as for years, professionals in this space have been looking for ways to target their customers more effectively and close quality leads. Thanks to AI, there are now a multitude of toolsets that are easily available to assist them with doing just that.

In this new digital decade, Industry 4.0 technologies are disrupting every aspect of our lives, be it education, work or commerce. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers umpteen opportunities to complement human knowledge and enriches people’s lives and work. Today, AI is being leveraged aggressively in transforming economies and businesses across domains including sales and marketing.

This could explain why, in the last year or so, there has been a considerable uptake in the number of SaM professionals who are looking to this technology in order to assist with:

  • Boosting sales,
  • Increasing customers, and ultimately
  • Promoting their business.

According to the research, 40% of marketing and sales teams currently recognise the importance of AI and, in particular, machine learning (which is a subset of AI), in order to ensure that they are able to pursue as well as achieve their set targets.

AI Excites People

However, when it comes to actual adoption as well as integration, businesses can be deterred. There is a general opinion that it is either too complicated, too expensive or just not relevant. In reality, we believe that the only important barrier which prevents companies from embracing AI is a shortage of knowledge and awareness regarding its practical application.

AI is changing marketing by utilising information gathered from accessible as well as advanced data analytics tools. Progressive sales managers and marketers now use AI in order to optimise their marketing. This technology sorts through large datasets and then makes recommendations which are based on that data.  In addition, machine learning makes marketing more targeted and personalised. As a consequence, the best prospects are made aware of the correct products and services.

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The Revolutionary Aspect Of AI

AI-based projects for marketing and sales give detailed information about customer behaviour and buying patterns. This assists with achieving better conversion rates and a significant increase in sales.  At a basic level, AI can help SaM teams conquer some of the common challenges which they face.

Perhaps the most essential of these is the requirement to maintain a detailed view of market trends so that they are able to understand their current as well as potential customers’ various needs and goals. Given the quantity of data which is now available to companies, AI can be leveraged to process massive reams of quantitative and qualitative data quickly and effectively.

Scouring spreadsheets, buying data as well as relying on traditional sales techniques – such as cold calling, for instance – are incredibly time-consuming and often provide limited results. This is where AI comes in: it simplifies the process of building a profile by evaluating vast swathes of customer data at a granular level, uncovering hidden patterns in their behaviour, and then churning out quality insights. What’s more, it does this at speeds which can’t be matched by humans.

AI is just one of the tools which can be used to make your sales and marketing more effective.

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