Why does Having an Accredited Marketing Certification Matter?

DSM - Accredited marketing certificate

Some are quick to dismiss digital marketing accreditation as unnecessary. Education is essential. That’s a given. Post-school or post-college education is even more so if a certain path is to be followed which needs skills that weren’t provided in formal education.

The value of an accredited certification in digital marketing

Stamp of approval of great import

As far as accreditation is concerned, this stamp of approval from a recognised accrediting body is of great importance. Even more so when it’s SETA accredited. If a person who has digital marketing accreditation from an institution which is SETA-accredited heads out job hunting, there is more chance of a favourable outcome. In the field of digital marketing, which is very popular, you could end up with training that is dubious. Many a “college” has sprouted up claiming to offer the best digital marketing training on offer, only to leave students short-changed.

So, here’s what we know:

  • SETA-accreditation means that the college has been endorsed for quality assurance training.
  • Employers are more likely to take on someone from an accredited training school.
  • A SETA-accredited college has a reputation for providing the best otherwise it wouldn’t have accreditation.
  • Colleges that claim SETA-accreditation is meaningless probably applied for accreditation but were declined. Just the claim itself shows a lack of understanding and knowledge.
  • Beware of the corner-shop college that promises much but delivers very little. Ask for references from previous students and follow up.

Go to a school that has SETA accreditation. You know what you’re signing up for and what you’ll get.

DSM - Accredited marketing certificate

Policies and procedures endorsed with digital marketing accreditation

If the school has been provided with accreditation, it means that the curriculum and the trainers have undergone evaluation to ensure all is aligned to the SETA standards. The school needs to put into practice policies and procedures that have been endorsed. This  remains as an ongoing procedure to ensure the school remains accredited.

It’s a two-way street here. The school insists on this external examination and the body is duty-bound to provide it. There could also be the transfer of credits that go towards a qualification. It’s a scheme that is popular with many universities. Credits can be used for furthering education at the same school and this is a real boon for everyone involved. Again, this is only possible with SETA-accreditation.

Accreditation, then, can provide important benefits:

  • It gives the seal of approval regarding students. Graduating from a SETA-accredited college, such as the Digital School of Marketing, should mark that graduate totally equipped for optimal performance in the working environment.
  • It protects the interest of students and the institution itself.
  • There is the opportunity for continuing development within the same environment or the opportunity of transfer credits.

The criteria that employers look for will present in this student. Digital marketing is a complex environment and suitable students, employers have found, are few and far between. By ‘suitable’ it is meant that the candidate is fully versed in all aspects that this position requires. Previously, they have been let down by candidates who claim to be totally proficient but have found to be severely lacking. This would never happen with a student from the Digital School of Marketing. It’s for this reason, that these students are in high demand.

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