Google’s Digital Marketing Transformation Programmes Hit’s SA Shores

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At the end of July, IOL reported that Google has taken the step to make their Digital Marketing Transformation Programme available to South Africans.  This programme is a partnership between a team at Google and clients. The aim is to upskill the people on the course with digital marketing best practices and developing a customised roadmap for them.

Impact of Digital Marketing

The state of entrepreneurship in South Africa

Entrepreneurship, in South Africa, is woefully lacking. Nearly 50% of small businesses go belly up within the first two years of existence. The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation stated that there is a very pressing need to increase the number of entrepreneurs in South Africa who are successful and are able to bring tangible benefits to their communities.

The need to transform communities is extremely pressing, which is evidenced by the sky-high unemployment rates that South Africa is currently experiencing. According to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS), which was released by Stats SA recently, for the second quarter of 2019 the official unemployment rate rose to 29.0%. This is 1.4% points up from the 27.6% seen in quarter one of 2019.

The role of digital marketing

Since the dawn of the Internet, and so many retailers moving their stores online – or having an online shop co-exist with their bricks-and-mortar one – digital marketing has come to the fore. Marketers realise that purchasing patterns have changed dramatically, with more and more people preferring to shop online. Thus, marketers need to be reaching their target markets online through digital marketing.

The fate of a business – no matter how big or small it is – rests in the hands of the digital marketer. The reason for this is that if digital marketing is done well, the company’s list of potential customers will expand exponentially. However, if this practice is not done well, the messaging that the company puts out will not reach their intended customers. As such, it is very unlikely that the business will grow and develop.

Digital marketing is not only important for retail business. It’s vital for services businesses to have a good grip on digital marketing if they want their businesses to succeed. This is because the Internet has become the modern-day Yellow Pages. When people want to find someone to do something for them, their first port of call is to Google what they need. This means that if you want to be found by the people doing the Googling, you’re doing to need to be marketing yourself digitally.

Digital marketing is THE must-have skill that every business owner and marketing executive needs to have. If they do not possess this, they risk having their business fail dismally.

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