Effective Ways To Retain Your Online Customers.

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What’s better than getting one new customer?

It sounds like a trick question, however the answer isn’t “getting two customers”. It’s actually retaining an existing online customer. While there’s a certain type of allure which comes with capturing new customers, making sure that customers coming back will continually end in a greater ROI — and it costs 5 – 25 times less.

However, how do you create a customer retention strategy which keeps your current online customers engaged and happy?

A Highly Functional Website

An eCommerce store needs to make very good use of its website as that is the first way in which online customers get to know your brand. Any online store which does not have a website is losing out on a lot of opportunities.

You are able to leverage your website in order to accomplish many marketing strategies which will make sure that you retain your customers and also grow your business. It’s the era of technology, and it won’t be overemphasising issues to say that the web has a wider and greater reach as opposed to any form of advertising you can think of.

As your website will be pivotal to your company’s online presence, you will be able to leverage it for ads about your business on social media platforms, forums as well as through pay-per-click advertising. Your website assists you to create brand credibility, which is very important for an online business. It’s the way that your online customers are able to locate you as they are not coming to any physical structure. And understand that online customers are becoming more tech-savvy. They can easily access brands, products, and services.

Offer Customer Service “Surprises”

We always look forward to amazing surprises on our birthday – and all the time. So when it comes to nurturing your customers, think of a valuable offer which you are able to offer them – without their knowledge.

Surprises come unexpectedly. They’re not planned. Surprise packages or offers don’t need to cost you a fortune. In fact, a couple of companies send a handwritten note to its customers. Customers love it, as it shows how much the brand values them as they take out time to write to every customer manually. To us, that’s a big sacrifice.

If you would like your customers to stay put and also trust your brand, then you need to go beyond the normal service or product which you offer.

Send Out A Company Newsletter.

A company newsletter is a simple as well as cost-effective way of maintaining customers. You are able to utilise email automation in order to send updates or offers to all of your customers at the same time. And you are able to send the email using an RSS feed on a chosen frequency, so you don’t have to update the content manually or remember to click “send”. Even though it’s simple, newsletters are able to remind customers of your brand every time they open their inbox.

Surprises provoke customers. It can come in the format of appreciation. Appreciation is a very strong motivating factor for hard work. In other words, when you appreciate your customers, they feel excited about their work.

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