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The world has changed quite considerably over the last 18 months. First of all, character truly matters a lot. For the CEO, who you truly are, what you stand for as well as your position on issues in the world is important. Individuals need to know where you stand on things, particularly topics that matter to them. You require a moral north star on big issues.

To find out where you stand, individuals will seek you out on LinkedIn, Facebook as well as Twitter:

  • What if they don’t find anything substantive or a hodgepodge of entries which don’t paint a unified picture of who you are?
  • Worse still, what if they find negative and untruthful information?

In our modern world, every single person out there has a brand. There are certain elements to that brand that are unique to a CEO. These are not steps to take but are rather aspects of your character which must cohere for your messages to be effective.

Here are key elements to crafting a balanced as well as effective CEO brand that can be helpful for you both now as well as in the future.


A recently coined – however but widely accepted term – authentic leadership is a modern and more comprehensive approach to leadership. Authentic leadership works on the premise that a leader is able to prove their legitimacy by nurturing sincere relationships with their subordinates as well as giving significance to their input.

An authentic leader urges their subordinates to be more open. In addition, they appreciate their support in the success of the organisation. Their leadership style promotes both individual as well as team performance.

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Whatever you’re known for must last. It should be yours, and it must be able to live beyond your tenure as CEO.

How do you do that?

  • Don’t always write exclusively about your company.
  • Contribute your personal perspective on a topic that you have mastered or that matters to you.
  • Be careful to differentiate personal and company positions.
  • Recognise that you’re building your reputation for the long haul.

Start with this question: What kind of work will I be doing three years after I stop working full-time?

If you know what matters to you, it helps if you have a north star for how you would like to behave, who you want to surround yourself with as well as who you want to be for the people who you lead. Becoming a mature human being is about connecting with the essence of who you are and, occasionally, who you would like to become. It’s good to have your feet planted on this kind of firm ground.

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