How to translate your brand essence into content marketing

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A brand’s essence is at the core of everything it does, says and stands for. It encompasses the set of standards, values and goals the brand put in place when first beginning operations. Brand essence is the thing that gives people a feeling when they see or think of the brand, and is difficult to translate through content marketing channels. This article takes a look at a few ways to melt together your brand essence and content marketing:

Share your humanitarian work

If you got into your field because you want to help people, you should do so – on the ground and in person. Live out your mission and document it. Content generated about your community outreach programmes can be shared across social media and email marketing, drumming up more support for your cause while getting your brand noticed.

If you breed a healthy, stimulating company culture, your employees will most likely share third-party content about life at work. Brand-generated content should include celebrating staff birthdays and other personal milestones. This shows the world that the brand cares about its employees’ well-being who will thus be more likely to care about your customers’ well-being.

Keep pushing the big picture

A brand’s content shouldn’t just push sales, sales, sales. If your brand essence includes being a help to people who need your services or products, include that in your content marketing. If your services contribute to conservation, people should know that. If your products are made using only recycled or sustainable sources, say so.

If you have an existing database of opted-in customers and prospects, you have ears who want to hear what you have to say. Send out mailers and link to blogs about how your brand makes a difference, and share informative third-party content that will add value to the conversation and

Optimise your channels

Have you optimised your content-sharing channels? Social media networks let you establish profiles where you can share pretty much everything about your brand. Ensure that your logo, slogan, and mission statement are present and promoted. Brand colours should also be included on all content marketing so that they appear the same across all marketing mediums.

Your content marketing should also carry across your brand’s tone of voice. If your brand was a person, what would they sound like? How would they talk and communicate online? For example, lawyers and government departments usually communicate very formally. Ice-cream stores and paintball parks will be more inclined to chat in an informal, conversational tone.

Brand essence is the fundamental characteristic which characterises a brand. It is an intangible attribute which distinguishes your brand from your competition’s brand in the minds’ of your audience. It is emotional and founded on feelings.

A brand essence is not tangible for your audience. In addition it is unique to your brand and, most importantly, reliable. It is not a commodity or product related. It is the critical feeling evoked in your audience at the time they hear your brand name. It mixes the attributes and benefits of your brand neatly.

Being a marketing manager means knowing how to create meaning in the content you put out into the public eye.

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