Digital Transformation: 3 Leadership Trends in IT For The Next Normal

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The way businesses operate has been in a constant state of evolution since, as some might argue, the first industrial revolution. However, the jump from analogue to digital was arguably the biggest shift. Today, we’ve moved on to a point where – thanks to random acts of global disruption like pandemics – working remotely via digital mediums is becoming the norm for countless job roles across multiple sectors. This changes the way a business handles staff, conducts meetings, engages with clients, etc. So, with so much disruption taking place, what next normal leadership trends are taking shape in the IT sector? Let’s take a look:

1.  Information Tech Will Act As Oversight

Marketing has become more and more reliant on information, which comes in the form of data collected from past marketing campaigns. With updated data regulations that now apply in South Africa and other parts of the world, monitoring information flow has become just as important as monitoring the workplace sobriety of staff members. Therefore, CIOs are going to have to start wearing governance and oversight hats in the next normal.


2. Culture Will Largely Be Developed By CIOs

With work-from-home, the next big shift in business, company culture has gone from only happening in offices to now spilling over into people’s home lives. The digital infrastructure is important, but what is more important is ensuring that workers remain motivated and productive while sitting at home working in their pyjamas. CIOs will be called upon to help the organisation overcome information flow challenges and embrace new systems to ensure the new normal way of working works for the company.

3. Diversified Vendors And Revenue Streams

Your business might be facilitating digital transformation, but what about your vendors? CIOs will be asked to diversify vendors in the next normal, ensuring that business can continue should a COVID-like event take place again. Likewise, social distancing and restrictions in the supply chain have affected traditional revenue streams, forcing CIOs to look at diversifying revenue streams to include more digital channels.

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