Why Digital Marketing is the Core of the South African Workforce

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There is a digital disruption happening and digital marketing is at the heart of this. Many companies have failed to adapt. Because of their ignorance they have suffered bankruptcy.

Some companies, on the other hand, have flourished as they have leveraged the opportunity that has come along with the uncertainty. While some companies have suffered owing to the volatile nature of technology and its advancements. Others have embraced it to their advantage.

Digital marketing is not a new topic anymore. It’s becoming a crucial part of each business’s survival strategy. Companies are also realising that digital marketing is not just a single element or job title anymore. It’s a department on its own. Employers are on the hunt for employees who not only understand digital marketing at its core but that can also practically assist in equipping a business to thrive in the coming years.

For digital marketers, this is a good thing. This is because it doesn’t look like advancements in technology are slowing down any time soon. And as digital marketing is closely intertwined with technology, individuals with a solid amount of knowledge in the space will start leading the way when it comes to pushing companies forward.

Digital Marketing career potential

CMOs are First in Line to Become CEOs

A few years ago, Chief Financial Offers (CFOs) were usually first in line when it came to taking over the CEO’s role.

However, today – and moving forward – this opportunity is slowly shifting towards Chief Marketing Officers and leaders who have a vast amount of digital marketing experience and knowledge. The main reason for this is because companies are slowly becoming more dependent on digital marketing. This is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is starting to form the core within the South African as well as that in the rest of the world.

Digital Marketing is a Survival Skill

Another reason digital marketing is becoming the core of the South African workforce is because digital marketing is technically a survival skill.  The main reason why we say this is because it’s a skill that’s demand which is projected to grow by 38% over the next year.

Researchers believe that there will be over 160 000 jobs in digital marketing available by 2020 while there will be limited talent to fill those seats. This means that if companies want to survive and thrive in the next few years they need to start employing more people with a wide variety of digital marketing knowledge and skills. This would include, but not be limited to:

  • Social media managers,
  • Digital copywriters,
  • Search engine optimisation experts,
  • Digital media buyers, as well as
  • E-mail and other direct marketing experts.

Digital marketing is not only a necessary survival skill for the employer but is also that for the employee. This is because if all else fails for the staff member he or she can always attempt to start their own side-hustle or agency because they have what it takes to promote, brand and advertise their own products and services.

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