Why a Digital Marketing Career Is a Top Choice in 2019

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Technology is integrated into our daily lives more than ever before. With smart phones at our fingertips, we are constantly connected. As our online presence continues to grow, it’s become essential for businesses to be online as well. That’s where a digital marketing career has its greatest value.

Digital marketing has grown into a booming industry. It encompasses a wide range of services and products that are provided through the Internet. It’s the fastest-growing and most active marketing technique used today and is expected to grow further in the coming years. Marketing online reaches customers online immediately. It’s also an easy way for companies to tell their brand’s story and brings these companies to life in an online social setting.

As companies become more aware of the need to integrate content and social strategies to create better customer engagement and brand awareness, the need for digital marketers is on the increase as businesses compete for highly sought-after candidates.

Reasons to consider Digital Marketing as a career

Digital Is Always In Demand

There’s little doubt that businesses find digital marketers attractive.  A quick Google search will tell you that there’s an increasing need for digital marketing professionals as organisations continue to shift their marketing strategies to the online space.

In terms of the skills in demand, the obvious trend is that companies are looking for candidates with digital production skills who will be able to work on a new website, social media or mobile application projects.

Content producers are also in high demand as companies are increasing their inbound and content marketing activities. So skills like SEO, content writing and social media marketing will be valuable to have in order to help companies be successful with their digital marketing projects.

Up-Skilling Means Greater Rewards

As customers become increasingly tech savvy, pushing companies to their digital limits, the rapid development of modern technology requires bright minds to keep up with it. Digital marketers are focused on up-skilling as they are aware that they need to follow the fast-changing  trends and technologies. Therefore, they are constantly pursuing digital marketing courses to improve their skills. As a result, digital marketers are sought-after and well-paid professionals.

Exciting Career Options

A career in digital marketing has many exciting opportunities. It offers a variety of roles such as:

  • Digital content producers,
  • Web developers,
  • Social media managers,
  • Digital analysts,
  • E-commerce executives, and
  • User experience specialists.

Each of the roles requires a particular set of skills and knowledge but also opens up more creative, technology-driven and lucrative doors. In addition, it’s relatively easy to make a switch from a content producer to an e-commerce executive within, or even outside, a company.

Collaboration and Leadership

Digital marketing is infused with exciting collaborative opportunities. Marketers get to work with pretty much everyone in the business such as:

  • Public relations,
  • Sales,
  • Finance,
  • IT,
  • Production, and
  • Operations.

The digital space is a very vast one which takes people out of the office and places them at the forefront of the business. Digital marketers often get to attend events locally and internationally, collaborate with industry celebrities, network with interesting people, and manage many exciting projects and processes.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The digital field welcomes many young entrepreneurs. While you might choose to work for an advertising agency or a well-known product brand for a few years, digital marketing is one of the career choices which often results in successful self-employment. Many digital marketers often expand into business development, managing directors or business owners. A digital marketing career enables more room for growth than any other profession.

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