What is the Difference between Marketing and Advertising?

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The differences between marketing and advertising are quite distinct. Many, though, don’t know what they are. Some even think they’re the same thing.

Advertising is an element of your digital marketing strategy. It is a paid-for message that communicates an aspect of your company’s message. It can be found:

  • Online or in print in magazines,
  • In newspapers,
  • On billboards, or
  • On TV and radio.

There’s a lot involved in the advertising element. It will probably be the most expensive part of your digital marketing strategy. Among the people involved in getting this all together are:

  • Copywriters,
  • Photographers,
  • Video production staff for TV,
  • Designers,
  • Placing and planning strategies.

Marketing vs advertising

Coupled with this is digital marketing which backs up your advertising message. While advertising and marketing are inexorably intertwined, it is most often marketing that will carry the company’s message through and see it land at its successful destination.

Marketing involves many elements, each specific and diverse. They must all be optimally involved. The major activities involved in digital marketing are:

  • Analysis and research,
  • Acting on that analysis and research,
  • Developing a strategy whose main aim is capturing a faithful audience, and
  • Following the trends of competitors and noting their strengths and weaknesses.

Stir the emotions of the target audience

Marketing focuses on brand introduction and requiring a profound understanding of the target market mindset. This hopefully will stir the emotions of the target audience. Advertising is an integral part of this process:

  • Marketing focuses on procedures and processes.
  • Advertising is very often highly creative which can work very well in terms of stirring up emotions.

Marketing explains the efforts of the product or service in easy-to-understand detail. It is becoming distinctly op-ed and editorial in function. Blogs must be very clever. While being succinct in message, they also must take the form of stories, which could be funny and engaging, or even thrilling and engaging.

Audiences and values have changed

Audiences have changed, the ways of engaging have changed. Values are different. In fact, everything about marketing is different. Marketing is mammoth when it comes to what is needed in the constant supply of content in different forms. Advertising is no longer out of reach for the company or individual without deep pockets. Affordable solutions such as Facebook and Instagram advertising have brought this within reach.

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