Is there a difference between marketing and advertising?

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The terms ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising’ are two concepts which have exactly the same aim. This breeds confusion among many business owners:

  • Some feel that advertising is any activity which promotes their business.
  • Others are of the opinion that the definition of marketing is interchangeable with sales. probably because the terms are often lumped together, as in “sales and marketing.”

Marketing and advertising do have the same objective, in other words to inform consumers about products and services that are being sold. Marketing, in addition to advertising, have many aspects in common however there are some differences. understanding these differences and similarities will assist any business or organisation with their strategy for acquiring customers and audience.

What is marketing?

Marketing is about research and analysis. These processes involve:

  • Studying audience responses to various subjects, and
  • Creating language as well as design that will influence that audience best.

Certain groupings of consumers respond better to images words as opposed to others. Slogans and mission statements which best translate the product messaging are essential to marketing. When putting together a marketing strategy, the business must check to see if covers the 4Ps:

  • Product,
  • Place,
  • Price and
  • Promotion

The marketing campaign’s message must convey:

  • What type of people can make use of the product,
  • What type of environment best suits the product, in addition to
  • Other information which is related.

The marketing message is communicated through marketing materials or collateral. This creates the tone and personality of the product. Another feature of market research looks at pricing as well as ways to distribute the product.

What is advertising?

‘Advertising’ is the process of letting an audience know about a product and service. This process entails the description which is used to showcase the product, idea or service to the world. Advertising processes generally cover advertising campaigns in the media which uses creative positioning to communicate the message. Advertising must timeously disseminated and used in a specific, strategic way.

Advertising gets the word out, to the general public, regarding a product or service. This process involves designing a campaign which aligns with the wants and requirements of the prospective audience. A phenomenal advertising campaign makes use of a mixture of media to best generate buzz about a product. For example:

  • If the product is aimed at a younger audience, then social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter may be the best method of reaching that audience.
  • Other consumer groups may respond in a better way to radio, television or – alternatively – print ads.

Most advertising campaigns make use of a combination of media in order to reach the broadest audience possible.

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