What Career Paths are Open to You as a Digital Marketer?

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The career paths that are lying in wait as a digital marketer are astounding. So, if this is the path you, then the Digital School of Marketing has a variety of Digital marketing Courses that are designed for a variety of marketing disiplines.

There are so many ways you can do this. For example, Google Analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), digital copywriting, website design, social media marketing and PPC. Each of these disciplines is a management role in itself. That’s what it makes it so exciting! In this article, we’ll look at just some of the career paths that are open to you in this field.

Digital Marketing careers

Digital copywriter

The Internet is based around words and how these can fulfil users’ search queries. The saying that Content is King never gets old because it’s the truth. If there was no content, the Internet wouldn’t exist. It is the digital copywriter’s number one priority to make sure that the copy that she or he puts together answers the searcher’s query so that they will click on it. (Read more about digital copywriting here.)

Digital marketing assistant

Every well-oiled digital marketing agency needs a backbone and support structure. This is the digital marketing assistant. Although she or he will obviously have an accredited digital marketing course under their belt, as they are fresh out of college they will most probably have no work experience. This means that in the assistant role, they will be exposed to the various aspects of agency life while – at the same time – learn from more experienced team players.

Account manager

In every agency, there will be a number of companies who entrust their digital marketing activities to the firm. An account manager – who functions almost like a project manager – will be responsible for ensuring that the company’s objectives are carried out and that they remained satisfied customers.

Get thoroughly schooled

If you’ve been thoroughly schooled in each avenue that digital marketing has to offer, your career is set to soar. Why? Because digital marketers are hot commodities. The 2017 Marketing Hiring Trends Report says that 44% of companies are looking at hiring more of these skilled individuals. This is a growing trend that is set to continue into 2019.

Digital marketing courses highly sought after as every company needs a person to manage this part of their business and who is going to kick that ball into the net every time. With e-commerce figures totalling US$ 1.9 trillion (approximately R26 trillion), you can’t afford to ignore the necessity to market online.

Seeing as the skills needed by different employers may vary quite a lot, having a splendid range of skills in the digital marketing arena will ensure you’re up to just about handling anything. For example, you’ll be looking at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  as a priority. SEO is indeed about getting a website onto the first page of Google. However, there are so many intricate features that are involved in this process – from how your site is organised right down to the link-building strategy that you employ. (For a more in-depth look at SEO have a look at this article.)

Get in touch with the Digital School of Marketing

For a holistic view of what digital marketing entails, we suggest that you sign up for the Digital School of Marketing’s Digital Marketing Course.  As one of the only courses in the field to be accredited by the MICT SETA, you are assured of rising up the ranks quickly.

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