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Today, social media can be noisy, combative as well as anxiety-inducing. You could say that’s because social media includes people and people are all of these things. There is not much of what we could call “social connection” on social media.

Unfortunately, today we have social media to fill the void where social connection should be. Worse still, because it supersedes human connection with a distorted image that offers very little in the way of real social activity. We remain atomised, even when supposedly connecting with others.

What Is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-based social network which feels a bit like a corporate conference, a bit like a conference call and a bit like a corporate podcast. You’ve perhaps heard of it.

This new approach – to online connection which Clubhouse promotes – could impact:

  • How we network,
  • How we communicate,
  • How we learn, as well as
  • How we build status (Or social capital, if you will)

The need for such a platform is in sharp focus right now.

Established in 2020, Clubhouse has swiftly built a reputation as the next great place for people to meet, talk as well as share ideas.

In short, Clubhouse allows you to create and join “rooms,” where you are able to then talk to others in a big conference call. There are no pictures, videos or – alternatively – even text. There is just audio. Users are able to join and leave the call at any time, so turning any room into a public meeting hall.

How To Join Clubhouse

Clubhouse is invite-only. This means that anyone who wants to join needs to be brought in by someone who already has a Clubhouse account. You are still able download the app and then put your name on a waiting list, however there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever get an account that way.

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What Are The Benefits Of Clubhouse?


The most apparent benefit of Clubhouse is connecting with more individuals in your industry. Insider insight is extremely valuable in numerous ways:

  • Spotting and discussing trends,
  • Broadening perspectives, as well as
  • Profiting from shared wisdom.

By listening to, and taking part in, events you’ll enlarge your network.

Placing Yourself As An Industry Expert

A significant component of growing your brand is putting yourself and your company out there as category leaders. The possibility of gaining greater exposure via Clubhouse is practically limitless. Sharing your understanding and insight with others in your industry can help build your reputation as a thought leader.

Clubhouse has ample early buzz however relying on that shaky substance will offer little to no guarantee of long-term success. At the moment, Clubhouse offers a home for conversations which would happen in a different place, in other circumstances. As go back to those old patterns, Clubhouse’s lustre will diminish.

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