6 Tips for Maximising Your Digital Marketing Time

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Managing your time well as a digital marketer is an essential ingredient to the success of any campaign. Even the most well-thought-out projects can fall victim to delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Since most digital marketing projects have strict deadlines, making the most of the time you have (which is much less than you’d like, in some cases) will ensure that there is no last-minute craziness to fix campaign issues. Here are a few tips to help you manage your time like a digital marketing pro:

Use a project management system

Project management software, like Monday.com, are fantastic for managing marketing projects where there are a few team members involved. Designers, writers, and developers can be invited to collaborate on campaigns that can be broken down into individual parts and assigned specific deadlines. Once a task has been completed, the project manager is notified immediately via an app or email notification – which saves time on back and forth phone calls.

Gather preliminary information

Before starting a new project for a client, be sure to gather all of your information as early as possible. This should include things like any necessary login details, logo files and/or specific visual elements that must be used, and examples of the types of content the client expects to see as part of the campaign. Consider drawing up a checklist which you give to the client who then has to fill it in, gather resources, and return it to you before you move ahead.

Take time to meet in person

While spending time meeting someone face to face and discussing the digital marketing project might seem like a waste of time – we promise you it isn’t. People often struggle to convey accurately what they mean over text messaging, or over the telephone. By meeting your client or team members in person, you can discuss each element in detail, show examples or other visual aids, and ensure that everybody understands completely what is required.

Make briefs simple

Adding onto the above tip, when meeting with project contributors, ensure that any project briefs are as simple as possible. There is no shame in ‘dumbing down’ information in the digital marketing industry, because the easier a briefing document is the greater the chance of complete understanding. When a team understands fully what is required, comebacks are kept to a minimum. And there is no bigger killer of digital marketing time than client comebacks.

Utilise design templates

This applies more to ongoing digital marketing, and will save any digital marketing manager boatloads of time when implemented. Instead of redesigning social media graphics from scratch each month, for example, set up editable design templates. This way, all you need to do each month is replace the background image and the text, and they’re good to go! Canva.com is a free, easy-to-use online design tool that is perfect for setting up design templates.

Use automation platforms

Manually posting social content as and when it needs to go up is a time-waster. Some social platforms, like Facebook, allow you to schedule posts in advance. But what if your client is using more than one social network? This is where automation platforms, like Buffer.com or Hootsuite.com come in. You can link multiple social accounts from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Schedule posts in no time at all, and receive notifications once posts have gone live.

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