Reasons Why You Should Study Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is on an upward trajectory and has become a strong feature on both academic and professional curriculums. What also makes digital marketing a thrilling zone for study and work is that it is changing at a rapid pace. New technologies, apps and devices have the ability to alter the way we market to consumers very swiftly. This makes our learning very diverse and open-ended. Here are five reasons on why you should study digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Knowledge is Power

Customers are online

Let’s take South Africa for example. According to Qwerty Digital: “South Africa has a total population of 55,21 million people, within that 28,6 million (52%) people utilise the Internet in some format.” South African customers are prolific Internet users. So, for us marketers we need to know exactly how to communicate with potential customers digitally.

Become an in-demand professional

As digital marketing is a very new profession, there is a shortage of digital specialists. Research conducted by Fractl and Moz reviewed over 75,000 job listings on Indeed.com. It was established that the demand for digital marketing candidates has climbed sharply over the past 10 years.

Businesses make a decision based on data collection and management

Since data has always been important to businesses, and with the sudden development of modern technology and recent platforms like Google Analytics, it’s even easier now to capture and use data to produce targeted campaigns and customer profiling.

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Social media is an ever-growing marketing platform

According to Statista (2017): “32% of the South African population is active social media users. The most popular social platforms were WhatsApp (49%) followed by Facebook (46%) and YouTube (45%).” This should tell you that social media has the capability – like no other digital channel – to join forces and connect with potential and current customers.

Mobile is a 24/7 marketing tool

With the rise in popularity of mobile devices in South Africa, it’s crucial that businesses embrace mobile phones in their e-commerce strategy. For this reason, smartphone users in South Africa are expected to grow to over 25 million by 2022. So, there is huge potential here to infiltrate this market.


Eshopworld.com states that: “Online spending in South Africa is estimated to grow over R53bn in 2018, with over 19,9 million online shoppers.” These numbers show you the importance of e-commerce and the increasing need for South African consumers to buy and sell online, because of the growth rate and reach of the Internet. For a potential digital marketer, you have to be well equipped to assist businesses to manage this virtual business of the future.

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This means that it’s a great decision to study digital marketing. There are many digital courses available for you to do however, the best in the business is the Digital School of Marketing. Read more about our offerings here.

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