5 new trends in digital marketing you may have overlooked

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By its very nature, digital marketing is constantly evolving. What worked last year is fast becoming redundant, and digital marketers have to constantly adjust their approach so as to remain relevant and effective. With the craziness of COVID-19 disrupting the entire planet – sparing no industry – some digital marketing professionals may have overlooked one or two trends that are shaping the marketing industry moving into the latter half of 2020. This article takes a closer look at a few of these:


Think of a brand’s marketing as a bicycle wheel. With only one spoke, there’s little chance that the bike will go anywhere. With more spokes, you’ll be able to get some movement going. The spokes are the avenues of promotion a business chooses to pursue, and the central hub of the wheel is your brand. The more spokes there are supporting it, the sturdier the wheel. Omni-channel marketing, according to ClickZ, drives over three times more engagement than a single-channel approach.

Voice Search

Siri, Alexa, and others are making verbal communication with our devices more and more popular. Search engines offer voice search capabilities since studies show that people way prefer to talk as opposed to typing. This is changing the way digital marketers are approaching things like copywriting and poses its own set of unique challenges. For example, a screened device can show multiple search engine results (that the searcher can browse through within seconds of seeing them). Devices that speak will only speak out a few results, at best, and the searcher will take longer to process the results.

Creating More Engagement With Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Gone are the days where a simple graphic and line of text (sprinkled with a few emojis) passed as an engagement-worthy social media post. Today, people want to be impressed with the content brands put online. Content like 360-degree photographs, interactive videos, games, augmented reality ads, and quizzes or polls will garner more engagement and are highly shareable – which helps to improve the virality of the post.


Did you know that 41% of Facebook’s users are over the age of 65? The younger generations are looking for something different, and this is offered in abundance on Instagram and other interactive social media like TikTok. Yes, Instagram has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame, and has well over one billion users, but could the brand’s recent decision to remove the likes feature end in disaster? Only time will tell.

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