4 Valuable Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your PPC Campaign

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Pay-per-click advertising. You’ve likely heard about it, and you’ve certainly seen it in action if you’ve ever scrolled a Google results page or someone’s social media feeds. PPC advertising works on a keyword bidding system, where you’re literally able to exchange money for website visitors. Anyone can run pay-per-click campaigns, but few really know how to get the most out of their PPC efforts. This article has a closer look at four guidelines suggested to build a pay-per-click advertising campaign that will convert:

1. Start With One Pay-Per-Click Platform

One common mistake first-time PPC advertisers make is to spread their net too wide. They want to start advertising on every PPC platform available, because a shotgun approach always works best, right? Not quite, and there’s mounting evidence against such general advertising practices. Save yourself time and lots of money by starting with a single channel for pay-per-click advertising, like Google Ads, and build from there.


2. Think About Where Your Customers Hang

Where exactly, do your perfect customers hang out online? Are they spending hours each day browsing the search results pages of Google and Bing? Do they spend their most of their after-hours scrolling their social media feeds? If you know where your target audience members spend their time online, you’ll have a clearer idea of where you should be directing your PPC efforts.

3. Clearly Define Your Desired Outcomes

Another easy mistake to make with PPC is doing it for the sake of doing it. PPC might be the quickest and easiest way to drive people to your website, but what then? What is the next stage in the process? Once you’ve captured the browser’s attention with the PPC advert, and they’ve clicked through to your website landing page, ensure that there is a funnel in place that will take the clicker from being a new website visitor to a paying or enquiring customer.


4. Track Performance And Use Data To Improve

Data is the pay-per-click advertiser’s best friend. Seriously though, data is like the gold that you don’t realise is only millimetres below your feet – just waiting to be seen and used. When you assess past campaigns’ performance, you can see where things may have gone wrong, and where opportunities for improvement are, which will certainly improve your campaigns moving forward.

Is there a secret formula for PPC advertising success? Nope, but there is a wealth of industry information and data, built up over years since the first pay-per-click system was introduced online, that show us exactly what works and what doesn’t.

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