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Phew! 2020 is done and dusted, so let’s focus on recovering strongly with determination, passion, and a drive to succeed. Without a doubt, digital marketing was the main reason that many businesses managed to navigate the stormy waters of COVID-19 and the stay-home orders that plagued markets the world over. The question isn’t if digital marketing is a good idea anymore. It’s become pre-requisite for success, some might argue. What matters now is establishing a solid marketing strategy, and side-stepping avoidable errors before you make them. Here are four serious digital marketing no-no’s you should avoid in 2021:

Forgetting That Changing Times Change Customers

We’re willing to bet money that your life changed significantly in 2020. The one thing we can’t do is market to consumers in the same manner as before COVID-19. People’s needs and desires have shifted, and marketers need to be aware of this when deciding on the problems their business offerings are going to solve. Instead of concern for profit margins, this concern for customer’s needs is what is setting excellent business marketing campaigns apart from the rest.

Neglecting The Importance Of User-Generated Content

Consumers are flocking to online marketplaces in their droves. Online buying inevitably creates user-generated content, like reviews and recommendations. These instances of consumer validation have been largely overlooked by marketers – until now.

In 2021, earning five-star Google reviews will be a priceless brand approval commodity that businesses should strive for. Getting positive comments on social media? Re-share them! Getting positive words from clients on email? Add them as testimonials to your website!

Not Having An Easy-To-Find Online Presence

Speaking of websites, when last have you updated yours? As Covid-19 still has many of us under some form of lockdown, Internet usage has spiked dramatically. This is contributed to two things primarily: social media usage and Internet browsing. People are ordering things online and turning to the Google search bar to find product and service providers in their areas. The brand that isn’t online in 2021 is the brand that won’t be found by the thousands of internet users in its target locales.

Failing To Prepare For Unforeseen Eventualities

An important consideration to prepare for and keep near in mind is the eventuality of change. We live in the age of disruptions, and there are bound to be more global shake-ups as we move steadily closer to the half-way point of the 21st century. Marketers need to remain agile in their approach to digital marketing. Keep teams and projects nimble and versatile, with room for change and/or improvement. The world is on a journey, marketers and target audiences side-by-side, and remaining open to change as well as adaption is the best way that we’ll get through 2021 and beyond.

2021 will be a very interesting year – for people across the globe. What’s clear is that consumers need digital solutions to their everyday problems, like ordering groceries or booking garden maintenance services. Digital marketing is more essential now than it was ever before, and businesses that get the formula just right will enjoy untold success in 2021 and for years to come.

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