What does a digital public relations officer do?

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Individuals who decide to become digital public relations officers (PROs) are responsible for building, as well as maintaining, a positive public image for a business or organisation. Digital PROs create messaging for the media, which range from press releases to social media messaging. These shape the public opinion of the business or organisation. Also, this messaging raises the recognition of the brand. Overseeing a company’s reputation, particularly with the explosion of negative social media incidents, is essential in guarding a company’s brand as well as assisting with building a positive relationship with consumers, clients as well as employees.

What exactly is a Public Relations Manager?

The role of a public relations manager is a mid-level managerial position for a person who has roughly six to eight years of experience in the PR industry. PR managers  are responsible for producing and sustaining a positive public image for their employer or client. PR managers make  this happen by sharing programmes, accomplishments as well as points of view.

Public relations managers are trusted with handling media questions and pitching stories to the media. In addition, these managers are responsible for:

  • Putting together media kits,
  • Setting up press conferences,
  • Designing press releases as well as speeches,
  • Developing advertising as well as marketing communications material, in addition to
  • Writing articles that are destined to be published in corporate newsletters.

Public relations managers are also accountable for distributing information that will counteract negative publicity. These professionals are skilled in dealing with crisis as well as emergency communications.

If they need to, PR managers may hire as well as manage freelance copywriters, graphic designers in addition to other freelance professionals that they require. PR managers will also typically manage the budget of the public relations department and will usually report to the unit head or, alternatively, the department.

What skills does a digital PR officer require?

There are five vital skills that every digital PR officer requires. These are the following:

  1. Communication

Written and verbal communication skills are the main abilities that a digital PR officer will  make use of every day when working in this field. It is essential for them to communicate their thoughts unambiguously and be an excellent listener. It is essential for a digital PR specialist to be socially aware while communicating. It’s important that he or she is able to pick up on the slightest change in tone or emotion throughout a conversation. As well, they can’t let their own emotions colour their message.

  1. Writing Ability

A digital PR officer must have the ability to write mesmerizing content. A solid grasp of grammar and attention to detail is a plus factor in this industry. An ambitious digital PR officer must be able to arrive at a job interview and submit samples of articles, press releases or copy which they have written.

  1. Understanding of Social Media

Social media has revolutionised communication that happens between Digital Public Relations Officers and their audiences. Gaining a strong grasp of social media does not only mean that these people know how to like a friend’s Facebook post or regularly post status updates. It means that they:

  • Are informed about the best way to use social media in order to manage a brand voice,
  • Understand the basic differences between the individual social media platforms,
  • Know how to use social media platforms as tools for networking with the public.
  1. Multimedia

Multimedia skills play a huge part in producing online content. It is imperative for a digital public relations specialist to boast at least a basic knowledge of how to use various types of media. He or she may not be a blogger but they need to be familiar with where and how to post a blog.

  1. Creativity

Creativity is not just a skill that artists need to have. Digital Public Relations Officers are called upon to be creative all the time. Digital public relations officers are constantly required to be creative. They are required to think outside the box in addition to coming up with ideas that others haven’t.

Over the next year or two, there will be employment growth for Digital Public Relations Officers. Those who have these key skills will be in the best position to reap the rewards.

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