Why Online PR is The Way Forward

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To some extent, online PR is very similar to traditional PR especially in the sense that it can help influence people, more so than buying ad space for your content to promote your product or service.

Online PR vs Traditional PR

What Is Traditional PR?

In most cases when people refer to traditional PR they are referring to press releases in  newspapers, magazines and even on radio.

What is Online PR?

Online PR consists of press releases that are hosted within the digital realm, for example, press releases on a popular blog, online magazine, website or social media.

Why Are Press Releases So Valuable?

A press release is when a publisher (whether it’s a traditional publisher or online publisher), publishes a write-up focused on your brand’s product or service.  This can be aimed at mentioning a particular unique selling point, breakthrough or milestone.

A press release from a popular publisher can be extremely valuable in spreading the word about your businesses. Here are some of the main benefits of a press release:

  • Allows a Brand to Articulate its Product or Service

It’s not always easy to dive into your business’ key points or services. It’s even trickier to articulate it over a billboard. A press release can assist in  helping your brand explain what you’re good at and why it’s something the reader needs. If you’re not that comfortable with writing press releases, you should take an online copywriting course that will help you develop and articulate your brand’s message.

  • Brand Development

PR does a lot for brand awareness as it allows your brand to tap into new horizons, audiences and markets, depending on the publisher of course.

  • Reputation and Credibility

PR goes a long way in helping a brand build the trust of consumers as if it’s worth writing about it must be worth trying.

DSM Digital School of Marketing online PR

Why Online PR is the Way Forward

The Internet is not going anywhere.  In fact, in 2017 TV and digital ad spend overlapped for the first time. This year will be the first time ever digital ad spend will surpass TV ad spend. This tells us one thing: the Internet is where all the attention is and big brands are slowly starting to notice it. You should too!

How to Create an Effective Press Release

  • Choose a Topic

Choose a topic that relates to your brand, product or service. Keep in mind that no one likes being sold to. This is why a press release needs to be generic and focused on the reader. You can always find a way to tie in your product or service to your copywriting.

  • Choose a Title

No, a topic and a title are not the same thing. A topic is more of a “what you will be writing about” where a title is “what you are planning on calling it”. Ensure that your title is catchy and clear. Don’t try and be clever. The last thing you want is a confused reader. This is an opportunity to get the word out around your product or service so make sure that you are clear with your title.

  • Quote

Some experts from online copywriting courses believe that a quote from a well-known leader can help keep people engaged.

  • Compelling Body

Right, so you have a great topic and a catchy title, now what? Well, the next thing would be to ensure that you get the right message across to the public. It’s fine to be entertaining but ensure you are clear and to the point.

How to Get an Editor to Publish Your Press Release

If you have an article written and you want it published, you have to pitch your article to an editor. Here are a few tips that can help you stand out from the crowd:

  • Provide the Editor a Reason to Run Your Piece

Keep in mind that an editor mainly worries about the readers. Is there a way you can add value to the publisher and their readers? If so, ensure to articulate that in your e-mail.

  • Keep Your Pitch Brief and Straight to the Point

You must be able to summarise your subject in a sentence or two.

  • Why You?

Remember that the editor has received many proposals on the same idea so make sure you bring something unique.

  • When Sending by Email, Put Some Time Into Your Subject Line

Make sure your e-mail is tempting enough that the publication opens it.

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