Why A Career In Digital Marketing Could Future-proof Your Career

New year, new you. This is the best time to think about your goals as a career woman. We live in a digital age and it might be time to level-up and invest in yourself with new career options. Opportunities come to those that are thirsty for them!

I got, I got, options!

Digital marketing has grown more in the last two years than it has ever before! One of the best things is that there are so many careers to choose from with a digital marketing qualification. For example, you can become a social media marketer, an advertising guru, digital copywriter or a well-rounded digital marketer. Another fantastic thing is that, as a digital marketer, you can work for a company or for yourself.

New job, who dis?

Where all my influencers at? Social media marketing is one of the hottest jobs RN. In this exciting career, you can do everything from planning social media strategies to briefing graphic designers about creating graphics and developing social media communities. Only the savviest students who have done social media courses succeed in this line of work!

Digital Copywriter

Are words more your thing? Do you have a creative turn of phrase? You might want to consider becoming a digital copywriter with a digital copywriting course under your belt. Everything online revolves around words and text; a sure bet for future work. Score!

Digital Marketer

digital marketing course teaches you about all aspects of digital marketing – from social media and digital copywriting down to SEO and PPC. You’ll learn how to expertly manage a digital marketing team.

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Source: Cosmopolitan