Graphic Design Courses in Pretoria

Studying graphic design in Pretoria is a fantastic way to discover how to turn your creative abilities into a rewarding and dynamic career. Our courses will provide you with wide-ranging training that will allow you to enter the creative industry of graphic design.

The software used in graphic design courses in Pretoria is always up to date so that when you begin working, you do not have to learn new programmes in order to be able to work effectively.

FAQs About Graphic Design Courses in Pretoria

Can you study graphic design online in Pretoria?

Yes, online graphic design courses in Pretoria are not only available in this field however are highly respected. A number of the best online graphic design programs give students the opportunity to study remotely from anywhere you would like in the country. These remote graphic design programmes each feature a digital learner management system (LMS), which is the centre for students’ homework assignments, exams as well as communication networks taking place between classmates and teachers.

Also, software programs are widely utilised in the graphic design space for example Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and Inkscape. The best online graphic design schools in Pretoria can, in many ways, be more useful than on-campus schools as a fair number of professionals work remotely.

How long is a graphic design course in Pretoria?

The time that it takes to learn graphic design in Pretoria is dependent upon the individual’s prior education and experience with graphic design. A university degree usually lasts four years, while online courses or boot camps last anywhere from a just a couple of weeks to six months.

Which one you select will be dependent on how much time and budget you are able to afford to spend on education. Although nowadays most employers emphasise experience, a solid foundation in the fundamentals of graphic design is still very important to your success.

We’ve noticed time and time again that acquiring as much knowledge as you can, both theoretical and practical, boosts your chances of succeeding. This means taking a number of courses, working as an intern as well as getting a SETA-accredited qualification. Every little advantage that you have over other graphic designers will help you get a well-paid job.

How much is a graphic design course in Pretoria?

Graphic design courses in Pretoria in independent tertiary institutions can cost a total of R111 000 to R120 000 ZAR every year.

Where can I study graphic design in Pretoria?

The graphic design courses in Pretoria focus on giving the student/individual with the skills to utilise professional software in order to create beautiful and interactive designs for projects or business. Get to learn how to design graphics for yourself with us at DSM.

After our online graphic design classes in Pretoria you will be able to design your own logos, letterheads, email newsletters, website design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Video ads and more. Marketing will be much easier after our classes.

The graphic design courses in Pretoria are offered by the following institutes:

  • Oakfields College, Pretoria
  • Revolution Media, Pretoria
  • Oliver Karstel, Pretoria
  • Inscape South Africa – Design Education (Durban), Pretoria
  • STADIO, Pretoria
  • Vega School, Pretoria
  • Udemy, Online
  • Outschool, Online


If you want to become an advanced graphic designer then you should check out our Short Courses in Graphic Design.

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