Graphic Design Courses in Port Elizabeth

Graphic design courses in Port Elizabeth stimulate your creativity and ideas into a portfolio that is suitable for a design business. Curiosity, imagination as well as human relationships are a vital part of design. With award-winning graduates, these courses give you the best balance between essential technological skills, conceptual ideas and sound theoretical understanding through teaching, research and reflection. We are a guide to putting design into both professional design spaces and a socio-cultural context so developing your personal talent into the knowledge as well as skills that you need in order to flourish in a rapidly changing society.

FAQs About Graphic Design Short Courses in Port Elizabeth

Which online course is best for graphic design in PE?

What comes to mind when we say “graphic design”? For us, it’s the banners for our articles. However graphic design can be anything: posters, book covers, YouTube thumbnails, advertisements and logos. It’s all about setting your imagination free!

There are so many ways to learn graphic design courses. Here are some of our favourite:

  • Become a Graphic Designer (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Beginners guide to Graphic Design (offered at Gareth David Studio)
  • Graphic Design (CalArts)
  • Complete Graphic Design Theory for Beginners Course (offered at Udemy)
  • Graphic Design (Colorado Boulder)
  • Graphic Design Masterclass – Learn GREAT Design (offered at Udemy)
  • Graphic Design Theory (Yes I’m a Designer)
  • Graphic Design Tips & Tricks (LinkedIn Learning)
  • Graphic design mini courses from MICA (Skillshare)
  • Introduction to Graphic Design (LinkedIn Learning)

What are the main careers in graphic design?

If you’re considering on following a career in graphic design, web design, digital illustration or – alternatively – in a related field, you’re likely asking yourself, “What am I able to do with a graphic design degree?” After all, at some point you’ll have to put theory and practice into action and bring home a pay check.

Both UX and UI design are mainly concerned with creating a positive experience for people as they interact with digital products. While a UX designer is far more concerned with the overall path that a person takes in order to accomplish a goal, a UI designer concentrates on the look and consistency of each step in the process.

There is no single path that user experience designers follow in order to break into the field. You could consider a UX and Interface Design programme to launch your career. Other relevant degrees include graphic design and multimedia, web design/development, psychology, computer science, or information architecture.

How much is a graphic design course in Port Elizabeth?

Design is a part and parcel of life and is also integrated into everything that we do. In turn this offers a huge platform for career growth and opportunities for a creative person. As well if you’re a talented creative person who has a graphic design interest, then graphic design courses in Port Elizabeth are for you.

New software programs and design tools are coming up all the time. Thus our graphic course focuses on these advances (Adobe). In turn providing graphic design candidates the theory and practical know-how needed to succeed.

The course fee for Graphic Designing courses in Port Elizabeth ranges from R600 for an eight-session design portfolio course to R13 500 for a three-month film and video production course.

Where can I study graphic design in Port Elizabeth?

The graphic designing courses in Port Elizabeth are offered by DSM and other institutions such as:

  • 2E Studio, Port Elizabeth
  • Digital School of Marketing, Online
  • Udemy, Online
  • Outschool, Online
  • Lead Academy, Online
  • LinkedIn Learning, Online
  • Coursera, Online
  • Skillshare, Online


If you want to become an advanced graphic designer then you should check out our Advanced Graphic Design Course. Follow this link to find out more.

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