Graphic Design Courses in Johannesburg

In graphic design courses in Johannesburg, we cover all aspects of designing graphics for websites together with print. We use Adobe Fireworks as it is the very best tool for designing for web. Graphic design courses in Johannesburg also use Adobe Illustrator.

We cover a lot of various aspects of graphic design. These include logo design, business cards and stationery design. These courses will also teach you everything that you really do need to know about image formats, compression as well as output. A great graphic design course covers the practical way in Gauteng. As with all our graphic design courses we learn by doing. This is quite the best way to learn on graphic design courses in Johannesburg.

In addition, these types of graphic design courses will cover where you are able to get free resources for your designs including images and vector shapes for your print graphic designs. Also, we will learn the differences in colour systems as well as which colour system to use for designing for print and web.

FAQs About Short Courses in Graphic Design Johannesburg

Can you study graphic design online in Johannesburg?

Most organisations will, at some point or other, need the skills of a graphic designer. Professionals in this field play an essential role in terms of enhancing a brand’s visual presence. They are highly valued for their ability to convey meaning via visual elements. Graphic design online courses in Johannesburg will offer you with the technical skills and inspired knowledge that are needed in order to make a start in this profession.

How long is a graphic design course in Johannesburg?

The time that it takes to become a Graphic Designer can differ depending on the person’s education and experience. A typical university programme can take four years while – alternatively – a graphic design short course or UX design bootcamp can vary between a few weeks to just a couple of months.

When a designer has the foundational skills and knowledge of design, together with a strong portfolio, they can begin freelancing. The time that it takes for a Graphic Designer in order to land their first design job can vary however their chances will be significantly improved by networking and connecting with other Designers.

How much is a graphic design course in Johannesburg?

The cost of studying graphic design in Johannesburg can vary greatly depending on which institution you study at such as universities or – alternatively -independent tertiary institutions. Costs range between R33 000 ZAR and R53 000 per year. The cost of Studying graphic design at independent tertiary institutions in Johannesburg range from R81 000 and R120 000 ZAR per year. Lastly, the cost of studying graphic design at universities of technology range between R33 000 and R39 000 per year.

Where can I study graphic design in Johannesburg?

There are a couple of different places where you are able to study graphic design in Johannesburg. For example, the Digital School of Marketing, Greenside Design Centre College of Design and the Vega School.

Is graphic design in demand in South Africa?

In South Africa, there is an ever-growing requirement for graphic design jobs in the active parts of South Africa such as Johannesburg. However, in graphic design, you could get contracted by a person who lives far away from you and you will be able to do the job from home.


If you want to become an advanced graphic designer then you should check out our Graphic Design Courses in South Africa and get started today. 

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