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Basic Social Media Course

Explore the fundamentals of key social media platforms with the Basic Social Media
Marketing Course from the Digital School of Marketing. Dive into essential social media marketing knowledge to elevate your skills. Click to learn everything necessary to excel in social media marketing.

Intermediate Social Media Marketing Course

All organisations need to have a solid understanding of how to market and grow their brands on social media. As such they need a solid social media strategy. Learn how to put such a strategy together in our Intermediate Social Media Marketing Course. If you’re also looking for group social media skills training to upskill your team, contact us today!

About our Social Media Marketing courses

More than 263 million consumers all over the world shop online. This is 80% of the population. This means that you need to be online if you want to capture a part of this market share.

Understanding how social media fits into this new world and how it can enhance and hugely impact a business’s bottom line is essential.

At the Digital School of Marketing, we offer online Social Media Marketing courses that are guaranteed to blow your mind. Our MictSETA accredited social marketing courses cover a variety of topics from how to market on different social media channels to how to build out effective campaigns for different social media channels and content Marketing for social channels

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What are Social Media Marketing courses?

There certainly are a variety of Social Media Marketing Courses in South Africa, but at DSM we believe none are as comprehensive as ours. We combine both basic principles and advanced concepts into our online learning curriculum in order to give you a holistic, deep dive into each subject matter.

FAQs About Social Media Marketing Courses South Africa

How long to study Social Media Marketing Courses?
Our online courses vary in length from 12 weeks to 18 months. Depending on the course you choose and how advanced the criteria are, you’ll be able to get detailed learning about the variety of topics that our courses cover. No matter which course you choose though, we always weave flexibility into our personalised outline.

Which Social Media Course to study?
We often get asked which certificate should I study? Your current career or area of interest will determine which course best suits you. If you are a marketing professional wanting to enhance your knowledge, then a basic short course in social media marketing might fit you perfectly.

Who can do a Social Media Marketing Course?
Whether you’re a working professional wanting to understand more or a beginner looking to learn about strategy and execution, any of our social media marketing courses are suited to you. We also direct our learning outcomes to existing social media marketing professionals wanting to up their game too.

How much do Social Media Courses in South Africa cost?

Each social media certificate comes with a comprehensive cost breakdown depending on the length of the learning and course outcomes. For a comprehensive cost breakdown for each cost, click on the course above.

What sets DSM apart?
We deliver cutting-edge courses using the latest online learning tools and platforms. All our courses are designed to give you both theoretical and practical knowledge in their respective fields of discipline.

Our approach to learning is all about personalisation. We want you to have the most custom-made learning experience possible – we allow you to start when you are ready and study at your own pace, all while enjoying the benefit of our full-time student support.

We have the following accreditations and endorsements:

  • CPD points with SABPP
  • A member of the IAB.
  • Fully BEE compliant

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