What’s The Absolute Best B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Brand?

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Seeking out the correct digital community to bolster your business used to be a straightforward task. The state of social media marketing today has established many community choices. Each social media platform may feel like a chessboard, with content acting like chess pieces.

Each post or video create an environment of moves and countermoves in managing a particular lead strategy. However, most marketers may not feel like “chessmasters” of their industry. Marketers face a massive array of social media “chessboards” they can use to connect to customers as well as generate leads.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Sound B2B Social Media Strategy?

Your social media accounts contribute considerably to the first impression your brand creates. This is your opportunity to introduce your B2B brand to a new, however unknown audience of potential decision-makers, customers as well as partners and come into contact with them.

However it’s not just that. Having a clear brand voice and communicated brand personality on social media pays off in a number of different ways.

In addition, this is an opportunity for you to show that your business is way more than a static website which it’s not locked in an echo chamber. A social media presence allows your brand a new depth. You give out insights, react to industry events and then comment on emerging trends. In other words, you strengthen your authority and also build trust while remaining receptive to outside opinions.

Here are eight more reasons why social media is a key B2B marketing tool worth mastering:

  1. Your product launches and PR campaigns get far more traction.
  2. You organically spread awareness and boost your online reputation.
  3. Your website gets a lot more traffic from additional platforms.
  4. You get to share your company values utilising your unique brand voice.
  5. Your target audience slowly learns more about your products or services.
  6. You strengthen your HR brand in order to attract the best talent.
  7. Your company seems more approachable and relatable.
  8. You register customer feedback instantly and react to it.

What Do The Most Successful B2B Social Media Strategies Have In Common?

  • Instantly recognisable visual style,
  • Charismatic brand personality as well as tone of voice,
  • Varied content formats every week,
  • Consistent content plan behind every social media account,
  • Informal or semi-informal language, at times sprinkled with emoji, and
  • A number of different content pieces for each stage of the customer journey.

In order to master the latter, utilise a content matrix. This is a structure which assists you with pinpointing customer requirements and addressing them with curated content assets. Social media platforms often serve as top-of-the-funnel marketing channels however you can also introduce more advanced types of content for those who are moving down the funnel. This means that they’re already familiar with your offer but haven’t made a final decision yet.

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