IGTV For Business: The Present is More Exciting than the Future

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Until just a few months ago we were limited as to what we could do with videos online, but that has come to a halt all thanks to Facebook for investing in Instagram. Now we have IGTV which supports between 15-second and 10-minute videos. This makes things more exciting.

In all truth, many believe IGTV it will soon compete with the likes of YouTube. This is especially true for its vertical format, which makes it perfectly aligned for both video creation and consumption on your mobile device. So far, it’s been successful but anything can happen. Take the rise and fall of Instagram Stories for instance.

So, maybe numerous things would need to improve and integrate more effectively but forecasts are positive with predictions of IGTV‘s growth. With its introduction, anyone and any brand can become a creator using just one platform. Anyone on Instagram can now create long-form videos on IGTV and start their own IGTV channel. This takes social media marketing to the next level!

And unlike YouTube, all of the long-form videos on IGTV are vertical as it is a mobile-only platform. IGTV’s videos can be watched directly in the Instagram app or by clicking the IGTV button on someone’s Instagram profile. In addition plus you’ll also get a notification in the native Instagram app when someone you follow posts a new video.

IGTV Facts and Tips

Seven must-know facts about how IGTV works

  1. As IGTV is desktop friendly you can create your channel either via desktop or the mobile app. On mobile, download the separate IGTV app to set up your channel. Your Instagram bio and details will be imported your IGTV channel which is so important for social media marketing.
  2. Your followers will automatically follow your IGTV channel. And no, they can’t follow one and not the other.
  3. Videos on IGTV must be between 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Videos must be portrait or vertical orientation. 9:16 is the best ratio, but you can get down to a 3:4 ratio.
  4. Insights are available by tapping on the three-dot button. This means that you can view engagement and retention information to really understand what is performance and improve your social media marketing.
  5. Give your videos a catchy title and a description.
  6. IGTV videos auto play in the app. These are shown on audiences’ IGTV feed, recommending videos they watch and the people they follow.
  7. Notifications, likes, and comments will appear in your normal Instagram notifications tab.
DSM Digital school of marketing - igtv

Tips For Success On IGTV

Shoot in 4K

Did you know that you can adjust an iPhone’s settings to shoot video in 4K? Well, you can! Toggle the 4K capability for a crisp, high-resolution image. If possible, shoot with your rear phone camera instead of the selfie camera as the quality will be much higher.

Cross-promote your content

Share your previews. Use supplementary short content to drive traffic to your long-form videos by posting a quick, 15-second story with a swipe uplink which will lead your followers to your longer videos.

Add hashtags to your video description so that your IGTV video will appear in regular hashtag searches. This will improve your social media marketing efforts.

Treat your IGTV like a classic television network

Re-create a classic TV series. Be specific about the type of content you put out. Create appealing titles and edit your cover pics. This kind of consistency will pay off in the long run in terms of your digital marketing.

The behind-the-scenes sneak peek

Audiences love authenticity from businesses. This means that they reveal the hidden truths, including the tiny mundane details about your company things like a typical day in your office. Affirm your brand to your followers.


Retention rates are usually lower on most videos so make sure you have CTAs and other pertinent information early in your video. Otherwise, you run the risk of people not seeing them.

Using the swipe-up feature

Promote your channel every way possible. Draw traffic from other places to introduce your IGTV to the world.

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