How To Infuse SEO Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Putting together great content is fundamental to any marketing strategy. However, this it is not sufficient. That great content needs to be seen. Social media can assist your content and SEO strategy on many levels.

Why Does Social Media Matter For Your SEO Strategy?

For the past decade, the most important Google ranking factors have been summarised as content as well as links. Not only did a website need quality, unique, and keyword-relevant content, however that content needed to earn (or acquire) links in order to rank competitively in Google.

While these ranking factors still play a role, other types of variables are growing in importance. One of the most significant and heavily weighted ranking factors (as were highlighted in the recent SEMrush study) is direct website traffic. The study highlights that when a lot of users visit a website directly it is a great sign to Google that the domain has high authority as well as value. It’s thus the most influential ranking factor.

In turn, social media has become an important vital platform to not only assist with growing traffic but also nurture the credibility and reputation online brands are required to thrive with SEO. So while the jig regarding social signals and SEO is still out, the correlation between traffic as well as ranking is indisputable. For newer websites that lack a strong influx of traffic, social media platforms can provide the best means in order to accelerate the process.

So how can you strategise your social activity around SEO? By bringing consistency to your social media and content marketing strategies. You are able to expand the exposure of your optimised content and attract new, qualified traffic to assist with advancing your SEO efforts.

Fuel Your Strategy With Pure-Value Content Marketing

For most companies and professionals engaged in SEO, blogging often and content marketing has become a best practice. However, a lot of SEO-driven content marketing strategies are far too focused on keywords as well as search engine manipulation.

That’s not say utilising keyword data doesn’t have its place. Search data and trends can be extremely useful in assisting to instruct and inspire content topics. However to truly cultivate greater success with your content marketing strategy, concentrate on the idea of creating “pure-value content” which will effectively resonate with the questions, problems, and requirements of your audience.

Whether as a video, in-depth article, infographic, or all three, a pure-value piece of content on such a legal topic will most certainly address a common question among individuals who face such problems with the law. Not only will such content have greater potential to drive traffic and enduring levels of engagement, but such topics are far more likely to earn links from other bloggers and publishers in the legal space.

Distributing content on social media will make it discoverable and extend its lifecycle as individuals go on to share it over a period of time. Your content strategy and social media strategy, as well as analytics for both, have to be working together. You need to be publishing engaging content which people will want to speak about it and share. High-performing old content should be updated and recirculated in order to maximise its lifespan.

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