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You’ve most probably heard of pay per click advertising, otherwise known as PPC.  PPC is one of the fastest growing methods of digital marketing and Google Ads is the most popular form of search advertising.

You want your business to be in front of your customers and target market, right?  Absolutely, and you want your brand to remain in number one spot in order to generate leads.  Millions and millions of people search online every single day all around the world.  So, it makes sense that you get noticed when offering a solution to their search input or question.

Search advertising is a very powerful form of digital marketing by placing you directly in front of your target audience as an answer to their problem or search query.

To fully understand Google Ads and pay per click advertising its essential to complete a digital marketing course so you have a solid foundation to move forward and get advertising with the largest self-serve online network in the world.

A brief history of Google Ads

Google developed Google Ads as an advertising platform that adequately boosts your paid advertising campaigns and if managed correctly is a very cost-effective form of digital marketing.  Google has put its AdWords programme through many changes, and it’s come a long way since it’s introduction way back in the year 2000.

Every day millions of new advertisers decide to make Google Ads a major part of their digital marketing campaigns and there’s good reason for this.  This system is brilliant for creating and managing digital ad campaigns.

What are the basics of lead generation with the new Google Ads extension

Lucky for digital marketers, it’s a well-known fact that Google is constantly introducing new features to its Google Ads service.  Their focus has always been on the quality of their customer user experience and the value their customers get by advertising with the online search engine giant whose philosophy is to provide a smooth customer journey and supply engagement on their online adverts.

You may well casually notice something different when you next log in to your Google Ads account.  In true Google fashion, there has been little or hardly any marketing surrounding their latest extensions, especially the lead generation.  However, at least there has been an official announcement by Google regarding this latest change.

After a process of testing ad extensions that have the ability to capture leads, Google has officially announced their ‘call to action’ button whereby users can quickly submit a form which is pre-populated with their exact contact information from their Google account.  Pretty smart, right?

This extension works the same way as lead generation ads on other platforms which allows browsers to submit their contact information.

So, what’s the latest news on Google Ads lead generation?

Capturing leads before they exit your site is a really innovative and handy feature.  It’s a long and competitive road to attract visitors to your site, the last thing you want is for them to leave without leaving their contact details.

According to a Google article, the new lead form extension for Google Ads assists advertisers to capture interest when a search is done.  More great news is that advertisers can customise their lead forms by specifying what information they want to capture from visitors.

Google says that their lead generation forms are also customisable by uploading your own custom background image.  Advertisers are also able to customise their unique message that pops up when the visitor submits their information.

Another great feature is that advertisers can integrate Google’s Ad extensions into their customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Most types of ads are eligible to use Google Ads lead generation extension; however, Google has set rules in place to and have specific guidelines in place to exclude adult, alcohol, gambling and political ad content.

Lead generation extension benefits

Every digital marketer’s main goal is to generate more leads.  This is what digital marketing is all about, especially paid advertising.  Although Google has made it clear the advertiser needs to manage the quality of the leads obtained through their extension.

The function of having all the leads captured via a webhook to your CRM system means real-time data management.

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