Digital marketing education: The gift that keeps on giving

PRESS OFFICE: It’s at this time of year that retailers see a spike in their turnovers as consumers stock up on gifts for their loved ones. After the festive season has come to a close, what often happens is that these gifts are forgotten about in a drawer or cupboard.

Education is a gift that will never be put aside. It will be used constantly and will enrich the receiver’s life. This is particularly true for education in digital marketing.

The world has gone digital

Gone are the days of the encyclopaedia and Yellow Pages. People are turning to the Internet to gain answers to life’s everyday questions – everything from the contact details of the nearest reliable plumber to trusted information for a university assignment. According to statistics drawn in 2017, 28.6 million people in South Africa use the Internet. This figure had grown 7% from the previous year.

E-commerce statistics show similar growth with shop owners deciding rather to open Internet stores as opposed to bricks-and-mortar establishments as the risks are much lower with an online store front. With the change in consumer buying habits, marketers need to change the way that they market products. They need to find ways of reaching a new digital target market. For that they need to have an intimate knowledge of digital marketing.

Education is priceless

Late South African President, Nelson Mandela, was a great believer in the power of education. He said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The education that you get, can never be taken away from you. You can use it to make a difference to anything that you set your mind to – be it yourself, the community or the world at large.

Digital marketing is the skill that you need in today’s environment. It’s not a skill that you need in the future – you need it right now to keep up with the digital and online tide. This includes other related skills such as:

So, this festive season, instead of giving a gift that someone doesn’t need why not help people who you give gifts to help themselves by giving them a digital marketing course. It will add such value to their lives.

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