What Is Pseudo Branding?

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Pseudo branding is the understated science of creating positive brand associations in the minds of consumers without shoving the brand down their throats. Think about it as a way to woo consumers.

A significant distinction to be made is that “pseudo branded” is not the same as “unbranded”. Unbranded is about adding value, while pseudo branding is about creating associations which are not obvious at first but build brand love by taking the consumer on a journey that fosters identity curation.

It’s important to create variety in pseudo branding approaches, since its strength is its subtlety.

Brands Need To Be Recognised And Remembered

A powerful logo or wordmark is one of the simplest ways to activate recall. Too frequently, brands compete by increasing the volume that works great in Times Square, Tokyo or – alternatively – Vegas, but that’s not where most of us live. A brand is defined by individuals. It is the sum of the experiences and associations that a person has. It’s every bit as important to be recognized as it is to be associated with the expectations of customers. Often times, the best way to get noticed is by blending in.

Developing Engaging Branding Is Not Simple To Do

So often it falls flat. Branding is one of the primary things that people see when engaging with your organisation. As much as we don’t really like to say it, ‘image’ can be everything particularly if a potential client doesn’t ‘know’ you. One definition of branding could be anything which helps in the perception of your business and also acts as a pillar to distinguish your business from others in the exactly the same industry.

Branding has the ability to communicate the fundamentals of your business if it is witty, cheeky, critical or corporate, or if it caters to an older or younger audience. It is totally up to you how you want to be perceived. Think about two of your favourite brands — when you think of their branding, what comes to your mind?

It does not actually matter if you are a small business owner or a graphic designer, branding is a phenomenal way to give your business to a persona. In theory, your branding persona should work with your business’s unique value proposition. Discovering the correct branding for your business can be a daunting task as there are so many options.

How To Develop A Subtle Brand

One of the fundamental aspects of great brand awareness and subtle branding is a brand logo. Think about all of the organisations spoken about. You will recall their logos off the top of your head. The same is applicable to many other businesses out there with logos that are created to stick in your mind.

What’s more is that logos work in the opposite fashion as well. If you see a brand logo somewhere or other, you should instantly be able to associate it with a specific business. When you see the large yellow M on a red background, your mind makes the connection with McDonald’s.

This means that you need to develop your own logo that individuals will grow to recognise. It needs to be simple but effective. This is the key to excellent logo design. You don’t even need the business name to be on the logo, it should be something which turns heads, reflects your business, and is simple for people to spot. Then, you have to work on promoting this logo as much as you possibly can.

Show it everywhere: on your site, social media platforms, products, packaging and advertising campaigns. The more that people see it, the more they recognise it. Of course, the design should stay consistent across all the different spectrums. The worst error is to have multiple variations of a logo – it makes it difficult to gain brand awareness and causes confusion.

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