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More than 60% of the South African population owns a mobile phone and approximately 40% own a smartphone. This is one of the main reasons why brands are gravitating towards mobile as a channel for advertising. If you want to start experimenting with mobile marketing then the following tips are for you.  

Mobile Marketing advise

MobileFriendly Website  

On average, 60% of all website traffic comes from mobile phones. This is why it’s essential to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Sites that are not can also run the risk of getting pushed down the organic rankings by Google as the search engine recently released their mobile first indexing algorithm update.  

Create Content That’s Mobile Friendly  

My website is mobile friendly. Doesn’t that mean that my content is automatically mobile friendly too?  

No, not necessarily.  

We are referring to making your content easier to consume on mobile devices. Sentences and paragraphs that are too long might allow readers to lose focus. Make sure to write short, easy-to-read sentences while adding regular line breaks and white spaces to make simpler for readers to keep focused.  

Easy Mobile Navigation  

Everyone knows where to look for menu options on a desktop. However, when it comes to mobile it’s not always that simple to find. A hamburger menu might be the best option to ensure that the menu items are clear and easy to understand. This can go a long way to helping visitors find what they are looking for.  

Search Engine Optimisation  

As mentioned above, Google recently introduced their mobile-first indexing algorithm. Knowing this it’s essential that you optimise your website for search engines to the best of your ability. To learn more about search engine optimisation, have a look at this article from V8 Media regarding the 19 best practices when it comes to SEO.  

Reach Out To Users On Mobile  

Now that your website and content is mobile friendly, it’s time to go fetch your target market and bring them what your business is all about.  

Facebook and Instagram have specific ad placements for mobile. One way to ensure you reach people on their mobile devices is to untick all desktop ad placements and ensure you choose ones that only show on mobile devices.  

Set Up Google My Business  

Google My Business is an initiative from Google that allows businesses to verify that they exist. Once they are verified they appear within search results and showcase call to actions like: 

  • Navigate to location,  
  • Visit website, and – most importantly 
  • Contact the business.  

The contact my business option is only available on mobile and because you are making it easier for people to reach out to you. It’s a very powerful tactic that can increase the amount of calls you get on a daily basis.  

SMS Marketing  

If you are collecting data in the form of contact numbers from your customers then an initiative like sending bulk SMS’s to your audience is a great idea. Sending these remind people about your business and it can help increase customer retention, repeat purchases and customer lifetime value.  

Mobile Apps 

If your business has got the budget, creating a mobile app can help make it easier for people to browse your online store, increase repeat purchases and drive people back to your site with push notifications.  

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It’s a fact that mobile traffic is increasing year on year. Knowing this it’s essential that business owners adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. If you want to learn more about digital marketing then make sure to have a look at our Digital Marketing Course 

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