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The modern marketing world is something else. With augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies – the art of promoting a business is undergoing a transformation. No more shotgun approaches to marketing, because we now have the data to deliver truly personalised experiences. With so many things to see, learn, and implement in the marketing arena, it might be hard to know just what to focus on. This article offers up three modern digital marketing fundamentals to keep in mind when promoting a brand in the 2020s.

Many New Avenues

Entering that zeitgeist, that is the modern marketing world has never been easier. This increased competition has driven one thing more than anything else: creativity. If everyone’s doing the same thing, those that try something new break the mould and stick out. For example, Coca-Cola found success when testing out, including names, places, and song lyrics on certain product labels. Brands are pushing the boundaries of marketing more than ever, and to compete, brands will have to follow suit.

 Control And Measure

Gone are the days when creating a marketing message was all you needed to do to enact successful marketing campaigns. Today, small elements (like tone, imagery, colours, fonts) all influence how readers perceive the marketing message. For this reason, simply putting something out there without checking its quality first is a massive gamble. It might be difficult for small businesses, but A/B testing is critical in the modern digital age, to ensure that the message you’re putting out has been pre-approved by members of the target market.

Diverse Procurement

The first point we made touched on how modern advertising tactics are growing in number, and that brands can easily take advantage of these with a little help from professional marketers. Another digital age marketing must is a diverse customer procurement network. Word of mouth and the odd newspaper classifieds listing won’t cut it anymore. Businesses now have so many channels of promotion to choose from, and can thoroughly integrate these into a holistic marketing machine with more than one lead-generating mechanism.

It seems like nothing stays the same in the marketing world, and the faster technology progresses – the faster things change. It’s still important, however, to get a sound understanding of marketing basics before applying for marketing positions.

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