Is YouTube Advertising An Effective Marketing Strategy?

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Begin a successful YouTube video marketing campaign by understanding what your objective is Define what your core message and tone are, ensure that your videos meet your brand goals and also find the best ways out there to engage your intended audience.

The results of video marketing on YouTube are undeniable. A total of 52% of marketing professionals globally list video as the type of content with the absolute best ROI.

However, even with all of the phenomenal benefits of video marketing, only 9% of small businesses have a presence on YouTube. Why? It’s the second-largest search engine next to Google and is utilised by 1.3 billion people worldwide. The number one reason that business owners give for not having a YouTube content strategy is that they simply don’t have enough understanding of how to produce video content.

Key Ideas For Building Your YouTube Content Marketing Plan

When it comes down to getting in touch with your audience, you know what’s been successful in the past. Now it is necessary for you to translate your approach so that it applies well to your YouTube strategy. Here are some key ideas to help you find a YouTube content marketing  plan which works for you.

Define Your Brand Territory

With 400 hours of new and exciting video content being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, how are you able to be sure viewers will want to watch what you’ve uploaded? Start by selecting a territory in which you can win. For instance, are you going to make:

  • Quirky lifehack videos in order to drive awareness,
  • Utility-based how-to videos in order to encourage new use cases, or
  • Big “whoa” moment in order to get people buzzing and sharing

Ask yourself what your brand is a symbol—what are the passions which will drive its success? At the exactly the same time, ask yourself what your customers care about in their day-to-day lives. Find the point where your brand’s passions correspond with your audience’s concerns. At that intersection is something unique you can bring your fans to earn their loyalty

Do Your Research

Just like you wouldn’t pen a blog before knowing what your audience would like to read about – or how blog-writing works – diving headfirst into video content marketing without any information isn’t exactly the smartest idea.

The best thing that you should do, when type together your YouTube marketing strategy, is to see what your competitors are doing right:

  • What type of video content marketing are they putting out there?
  • How successful is their video content?
  • Are there gaps in the video content marketing that they produce?

Look at what is out there already and what is or is not succeeding before you begin to build out your own content.

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