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Your email newsletter is extremely different from your website because it is targeted at people who have already taken action in order to connect with your brand. Its chief purpose is to keep customers engaging with your brand on a regular basis as well as to keep them updated on your news. It is also a good method of sharing the longer content that you put together for your blog if you have one on your website.

As email is sent to a person’s inbox, it should be more conversational and informative than your website. Also, remember that people have limited time to read emails and often don’t enjoy doing it. This means that you need to ensure that your newsletter is short and entertaining and this is addressing current, relevant issues. Provide links back to your website for those who want to read more content or find out more about your brand.

In order to put together a newsletter which will engage your users, it’s vital to ensure that you include these aspects when crafting your missive:

  • Have a definite topic/theme in mind for each newsletter so that your ideas don’t get jumbled
  • Devise creative as well as informative subject lines
  • Ensure that your content is educational, informative in addition to being concise
  • Incorporate a section which guides users to your website where they can learn more
  • Include your business as well as contact information.

Above all else, as we’ve said previously, your newsletter should be personable and match your company’s branding and content.

The most important part of your email newsletter

Your subject line, like an article headline, is the most important part of the message because it will determine whether your email is opened keep it consistent and clearly branded so that readers know what to expect when it arrives in their inbox.

Without a strong subject line, no one will even think about opening your email. To choose the best subject line for your email, think about subject lines which draw you in:

  • What is compelling regarding them?
  • Do they make use of concise language? Empathetic language? Bold language?
  • Are they utilising emojis?
  • Do these call out a video in the subject line?
  • Is the subject line optimised for your device or are there issues surrounding rendering?
  • What stands out with respect to the subject lines that you click on?

Make sure that everyone knows what to expect from the email newsletter as soon as they sign up. Inform them what type of content they’ll get as well as when they should expect to receive your newsletter in their inbox. This type of transparency sets a good tone in addition to assisting to build a good relationship straight away.

What can an email newsletter do for your business?

In a nutshell, email newsletters are a helpful tool that can assist with marketing your product or services in a better fashion. If you send it to subscribers on a weekly, bimonthly or quarterly basis, a marketing email newsletter is a great way to help with engaging and informing your customers as well as clients. Furthermore, a company newsletter can assist your organisation by building a strong relationship with your email subscribers.

Building your brand is an incredibly important part of any business’ success. An email newsletter is a good tool to use to make this happen.

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