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As consumer behaviour and media consumption remain to evolve, particularly as COVID-19 has made all our lives quite a lot more virtual, it’s crucial for marketers to keep up with these changes as well as advertise where their consumers spend their time.

While including a new channel to your marketing mix can seem exciting as well as innovative, it also comes with the necessity to test, learn and accurately measure whether all this time spent really translates into a positive impact on business.

Podcasting is enjoying an explosion of usage. So, the time is ripe for increased advertising spend as marketers look to grab consumers’ attention in this highly personal highly focused environment. An estimated 155 million Americans have listened to a podcast, and 104 million tune in monthly. The scale and adoption growth are undeniable.

How are advertisers able to leverage podcasting in order to get the highest possible ROI? There are two crucial elements for success:

  • Create an engaging podcast which supports your brand, and
  • Develop a cost-effective marketing strategy so that you can build an audience.

Creating a stellar podcast isn’t easy, however finding ways to promote it can be even more complicated. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can get the word out.

How To Create Interesting Podcast Episodes

Engaging podcast content takes time as well as work, however it’s worth the investment. The biggest reason to concentrate on producing captivating podcast episodes are their ability to help you build a loyal fan base. These listeners tune in to your podcast every week, assist it succeed by leaving positive reviews and also sharing your content with friends. If you would like engaged listeners, you have to create engaging podcast content – the type of content they can’t wait to get more of.

Talk About Things Which You’re Interested In

This may sound obvious however choosing a topic which you like talking about is the cornerstone of podcasting. It not only assists you produce engaging content however it also is a fundamental factor in consistently putting together new episodes for your audience in order to enjoy.

If you’re struggling in order to engage your audience, take a step back and then review your podcast’s theme. It’s better to begin a new podcast based on a topic you like than commit to something that bores you.

Focus On Your Target Audience

You aren’t able to make a podcast which pleases everyone. So, it’s best to narrow your focus to a specific listener avatar who will derive the most value from your content.

For inspiration, research topic options in a number of different places such as relevant forums or online groups which are related to your target audience. Alternatively, read the comments on your podcast’s social posts or add more colour to popular topics from past episodes. Better yet, ask your fans directly. Make use of your email list and social pages asking for listener input about what they want to hear.

Once you have a number of different ideas on paper, go through each one and ask yourself if the content concentrates on your listeners’ needs. Will it increase the value of their life? Will it make them a better person in some sort of way? Will they sit and listen to the entire episode? Is this the content which they’re craving?

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