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Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and also in an effort to control costs, many organisations have restructured their marketing teams. In addition, they have reduced their overall spend with outside firms. As more and more people work remotely, and spend even more time online, digital marketing has become the priority for many businesses. As marketers face new realities of working with smaller staff sizes and reduced budgets, allocating the right resources to digital marketing is imperative at this time.

If there is something which can feel supremely overwhelming in business, it is marketing – particularly digital marketing. At the moment – more than ever before – companies need to evaluate where digital marketing fits into their marketing plans.

For teams who are currently in this position, it may seem overwhelming to manage entire digital marketing strategies to begin with as digital marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Everything from search engine optimisation – right down to social media falls – into the category. However, depending on the business, some tactics may prove to be cost-prohibitive, impractical or not necessary. With the correct approach, marketing teams will be able to manage the strategies that work for them.

The Ever-Changing Nature Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing changes so fast and has so many possible strategies that you can utilise. Not only that, but it’s such a vital piece to business. That’s why a few straightforward strategies can help your brand keep control over your digital marketing and excel at it.

A handful of businesses need to be on EVERY single social media channel out there. This is very true – most of the people who are “doing it all” are not actually doing it all on their own. They have individuals assisting them with different parts of the process so that they are able to be involved in the most vital pieces, but also make sure to keep the ball rolling.

You may need to bring someone on board in order to help execute and strategise on content creation, social media marketing management, advertising, website management as well as a whole host of other aspects. You, as a company owner, can be involved in vital messaging decisions – in addition to final products – but that doesn’t mean you need to be doing every single step of the process.

Be Smart About Content Generation

Identify people within your organisation who are subject-matter experts on a range of different topics. Spend time interviewing them as well as asking pertinent questions. Make use of this material in order to create blogs, white papers, eBooks and more.

Over the course of a year or a quarter, make sure that you align this content with the greater marketing strategy. After this, promote it via the digital marketing channels which you’ve identified as important to the organisation. When you build out an initial repository of content, marketing teams can access the material at a later date for use in other campaigns and balance other marketing efforts without the stress of creating new content.

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