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Copy is the unsung hero of digital marketing. All too often, text is pushed by the wayside in favour of flashy images as well as fancy design trends. When push comes to shove, a digital marketing campaign with no copy is little more than a jumble of pictures and a colour scheme. Moreover, subpar copy will devalue a digital marketing strategy – no matter how nice the design features are.

Write A Blog Post

The best way of keeping your digital marketing presence updated regularly is to write blog posts.

Blogging maybe a very powerful tool in order to help you to get more traffic to your website, attract potential customers as well as build your authority as the go-to business in your niche – among other blogging benefits.

Through the process of creating valuable content and applying SEO principles your blog posts are more likely to rank in search results.

Make Sure That All Information is Up to Date

Your business isn’t static year after year, and your digital marketing needs to reflect that. If you no longer provide a particular service, you should remove any mentions of it from your online presence. On the other hand, you may have added a new service, and need to add copy about it so online visitors know what you offer.

This may even apply to blog posts — it won’t do you much good to have a blog post that focuses on a service which you no longer offer.

If your website includes biographies of employees, this will need to be updated as people join or leave your company. Steadily updating your content doesn’t just help website visitors — it can also help your SEO rankings by improving your site’s “freshness score” with Google.

Use Your Own Style Guide

If there isn’t a style guide for your website, copy can vary widely from page to page. This can make it hard to develop a distinct brand voice that appeals to your customers.

Your style guide doesn’t have to be a thick, encyclopedia-like reference book. This guide should focus on the desired tone you want to convey in your copy. It can help to develop a buyer persona — an imaginary person that you are writing for with each piece of messaging.

A style guide that includes a few basic dos and don’ts (such as avoiding technical jargon) will assist you to communicate clearly and consistently across all of your digital marketing assets.

Add News Or Press Releases To Your Site

For a good deal of us, press releases are a very useful way to gain interest from the press – as well as media -about our success, innovation as well as the work we do.

Once they’ve been sent to the press, consider adding your press releases to your website as well as. Put together a digital ‘newsroom’ and list all your press releases in one place. In addition, you could add other elements – such as a photo gallery or videos – and include a link to this page when sending future press releases.

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