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An email subscriber list is a list of individual email addresses that you have permission to send email campaigns to. The most apparent reason to build your email list is to maximise the value of your customers as well as your company revenue. However, it’s also essential to remember that your email list is an asset in your company. If you want to sell your company, a high-quality email list can increase the organisation’s overall valuation.

Additionally, a high-performing email list can give your business added revenue opportunities by giving you the opportunity to sell ad space in your email products or send sponsored emails on behalf of partners or advertisers.

Quality vs quantity in your email subsriber list

One of the first quandaries that you’ll need to handle when you begin to put together an email list is the quality as opposed to the quantity debate. Obviously, the bigger your email list is, the more likely you are to generate revenue from it.

However, as with most marketing activities, the quality of your leads is equally important. If you create a large email list by porting over old contacts or by buying or renting a large list, you may have a great number of email addresses. However, you may have very few email addresses that are actually leads who are interested in interacting with your product, company, or brand.

Building the perfect email subscriber list

Email lists can be put together in a number of ways. These lists could include individuals who have:

  • Bought something from you
  • Subscribed from your website
  • Signed up for your product
  • Handed you their business card at an event

How to build up an email list

Visitors to your site

The most obvious and logical place to find interested email subscribers are on your website itself. If users are navigating your website (regardless of if they bought or concluded a transaction), they have an interest in the data or content which you’re providing.

Customers who purchase goods or services

Customers who navigate to your website, however, don’t make purchases or transactions, are significant email marketing leads. However, people who do make a purchase or transaction are even more valued email marketing leads as they’ve shown a willingness to buy from you or trust you with personal information.

Your social media channels

More and more, social media is increasingly becoming a prominent form of customer retention and brand awareness. With the right motivation and a properly designed email sign-up box, social media leads can often be solicited to become higher converting email marketing leads.

Offline locations

Merely because your email list is a digital marketing tool, this doesn’t mean that you only have to acquire emails online. If you have a retail space, collect emails when customers buy or visit the store or alternative location. If you market by going to festivals or concerts, it is possible to collect emails at those spaces. Providing a prize to raffle off, but requiring an email on the raffle ticket, can also be an efficient way to grow your email list.

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