How To Perform Optimisation Of Your Digital Marketing Funnel

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Your digital marketing funnel serves a critical purpose in your overall sales funnel. The intention of any marketing campaign is to lead the potential customer down a path to conversion using the general AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) principle. With digital marketing, this funnel uses online platforms to walk consumers along your brand journey until the point that they make an enquiry or commit to a purchase. However, a lead chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and for this reason, constant reviewing and optimising of sales funnels are essential to marketing success. Here’s how to optimise yours:


Are your ads, newsletters, blog articles and other digital marketing content capturing people’s attention? Do they want to learn more about what you have to say and what you’re trying to sell them? If the answer is no to both of these questions, optimisation will be needed to get your digital marketing off the ground. Content should have eye-catching imagery and compelling copy which motivates them to read further, click somewhere, or take an action of some kind.


Are your improved graphics and copy capturing people’s attention? If so, they move to the next funnel phase, which would be of interest. The potential customer might use a search engine to research your brand or products. The more they find out about your brand, the more they are interested. Customers are continually comparing brands to their own personal tastes. If you optimise your target audience selection, building personas to map out your perfect customers’ personality, you’re more likely to know what they’d be interested in.


Interest leads to desire, where the potential patron starts putting steps in motion to secure what you’re offering. At this stage of the funnel, information is everything. Consumers need to know how they can go about getting your product. Is there enough information about the product and its benefits on your website? Are there multiple payment options, perhaps including financing or lay-by? All of these offer convenience and more ways for the customer to get what they want from your business. The easier it is to secure, the greater the desire.


Are there any issues with your payment process? The number one reason for people abandoning online shopping carts is because shipping costs, taxes, and other fees are too high. Number two is because the website wanted them to create an account. Number three (for the marketers) is because the online purchasing process was too complicated. An easy, straightforward, streamlined payment process allows customers to take action with the confidence that you will fulfil your obligation, and deliver them their goods. Try and ensure that your website visitors have a chance to take action throughout their stay on your website, with buttons and other calls-to-action.

It takes a keen, somewhat holistic understanding of digital marketing to optimise a funnel. Still, once it is done – there will be a noticeable difference in the number and quality of leads coming into the business.

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