How To Master The Art Of Advertising

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While most of us have quite a good idea of what advertising looks like, frequently we struggle to nail down just what it means — and how to master it. From the printing press to pop-up ads, advertising has definitely shifted with the times. Despite this, though, the requirement for advertising hasn’t changed, and neither have the techniques and best practices which make for quality advertising.

How to Get To Grips With Advertising and Targeting on Instagram

Once you get your head around advertising as well as targeting on Instagram, you’ll certainly not look back. It’s cost-effective and a fantastic way to increase brand awareness. The platform lets you get very specific about where and how you would like to target your audience.

Instagram has made it incredibly simple for brands in order to create ads. There are two main ways you are able to create them:

  • Sponsoring your posts in the Instagram app, or
  • Putting together new posts in Facebook Ads Manager.

If you have a previously existing post which is getting high engagement rate, here’s how to turn this easily into a promoted post. The post will then be boosted into the feeds of individuals who don’t yet follow you. Putting together a new ad for Instagram is very similar to putting together a Facebook ad in Facebook Ads Manager.

  1. Choose Your Objective
  2. Choose Your Placement
  3. Set A Budget And Schedule

Advertising On Facebook

Facebook has such remarkable targeting capabilities, it’s getting scary. After the essentials such as gender, age and location, you are able to dive deep into people’s interests as well as life stages. For instance, you are able to target people in the market for a particular car make or model, or be appealing to parents of newborns, or target individuals at particular income levels, in addition to interests and lifestyles such as frequent travellers or readers of a specific magazine.

Hone in on your audience by identifying as many demographics, socio-economic as well as lifestyle characteristics as you can. Make use of Facebook’s Lookalike Audience tool in order to find the top 1% that looks like your existing audience. In our experience, it can make a big difference in your targeting as Facebook evaluates tens or hundreds of characteristics and signals, which we humans simply cannot do.

Equipped with a dense and dynamic history, advertising is an unbelievable tool to add into your marketing toolbox. The opportunities to advertise – as well as promote – your brand is infinite.

To connect and engage with your audience in the best possible manner, speak your customer’s language, appeal to their emotions and then tap into their desire to be a part of a community, put together a clear and authentic brand story in order to illustrate how your brand aligns with their values.

By applying tried-and-true advertising practices, you’ll be able to build a magnetic brand which attracts customers, establishes a following, and creates revenue.

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