How To Market With No Budget

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If you would like your company to grow, then you’re going to have to set aside both time as well as money for marketing. This is not an issue when you’re an enterprise-level business that has the resources to spend on marketing.

Very often, small businesses have a tight marketing budget to work with. This can make promoting your business quite a challenge. The fantastic news is that there are plenty of ways for you to market yourself to your customers with spending no (or not much) money.

Become Involved With Your Community

Often, when you think of marketing you think of a large-scale national campaign. However, sometimes you should think smaller and see what happens to be going on your community:

  • Can you sponsor a charity walk?
  • Is there a charity where you would be able to volunteer?
  • Could you organise a social event with other local businesses (obviously, when COVID-19 protocols have been lifted)?
  • Could you print out bookmarks and leave them at your local library?

Create A free Google My Business Account

For local businesses particularly, a Google Business Profile has become one of the most effective free marketing strategies which are available. This free listing gives your business the opportunity to show up on Google Maps, which is the local section of Google Search, as well as the right-side Knowledge Panel for branded searches.

However, in order for your Business Profile to display higher up on Google Maps or local results, you need to be optimising your Business Profile. In order to optimise it, it is necessary for you to have verified ownership of it and this is done via your Google My Business account.

Start A Blog

Blogging is a phenomenal way to:

  • Hold on to all this information and ideas which you pick up along the way, while you,
  • Earn authority in your industry as an expert,
  • Invest in a source of income with very good potential, and
  • Show your skill to capture leads (particularly if you are a freelance writer).

If you consider yourself to be lazy, beginning a blog will require of you two major qualities:

  1. Consistency, and
  2. Continuous self-growth as well as professional growth.

Blogging about a particular subject involves a certain level of mastery of the field. On the other hand, it necessitates a wealth of experience or a distinctive exploratory approach together with personal thoughts as well as estimations.

Before you begin a blog, don’t think twice about investing in consistent branding. Branding will increase your reliability, particularly as you are starting out. In the meantime, by featuring other bloggers or co-hosting webinars you get to grow your list further, real fast.

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