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New generations of customers react better to the “participative” approach to marketing where they get to offer input via social media as well as the Internet. There’s so much noise in the digital world that even getting in front of your audience can be a struggle—let alone making a lasting impression.

The participative approach to marketing started a few years ago with email satisfaction surveys after an online purchase. However, they now include interactive Internet ads as well as custom demands for input on the design of future products as well as influencers on social media.

It seems that everyone these days would like to have an experience and a relationship with the brands that they interact with. They are willing to become your best advocate via word of mouth. Some call it a move from always “hunting” for new customers in the wild to “gardening,” or nurturing loyalty and value from the ones you already have.

Why Your Customers Aren’t Buying

The reason that your prospects – as well as customers – could not be buying from you could simply be a challenge of memory. Put another way, you’re not on the top of their minds when they need the service or product which you’re offering. And if your prospects and customers aren’t able to remember you in their time of need, you might as well not even exist to them.

When you realise that one of the biggest problems which your organisation faces may just be a memory problem, then you will comprehend that your most crucial task in business is to become more unforgettable. This is as important to successful marketing as any other tool or technique.

Craft Unforgettable Introductions

There are a number of memorable ways in which a writer can pull a reader into an article from the opening sentence. Some ideas include:

  • Ask a provocative question. Remember that this shouldn’t be just any question. An example of such a question might be, “What do individuals say about you when you’re not around?”
  • Share a shocking fact or stat. Sensationalism is an incredibly valuable marketing tactic — if (and this is a massive if) it is true.
  • Fly in the face of predictable wisdom. A “hot take” that is totally the opposite from what your readers usually hear will most certainly capture attention.
  • Tease your audience. Withhold just a little information from the start of an article or video in order to intrigue your audience just enough to want to keep watching.

Marketing is not a one-way conversation, whether you are a start-up or a legacy business. How many years has it been from the time when you made alterations to your marketing strategy? Are your costs increasing and the returns going down? Try listening and learning, more than talking and pushing.

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