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The term ‘brand awareness’ can be defined as the extent to which an organisation’s branding is recognised and accepted in the target market. If most community members don’t know that a company exists, they have terrible brand awareness. Household names, on the other hand, enjoy amazing brand awareness without even having to do much in the line of marketing. We’re guessing your brand isn’t there yet, but that’s okay. This article lays out four steps any business can take to ensure they maintain strong brand awareness in their communities:

Get your brand just right

Brand awareness with a disjointed brand is pretty much a waste of time and resources. Are you 100% happy with your logo? If you aren’t, you can’t expect your target market to like it. Also, is your branding the same across your advertising channels, or does it differ from time to time? Brand awareness is about repetitive exposure to brand elements, and if those elements are all different – it’s going to be harder for the reader to immediately recognise the brand.

Maximise your organic content

How much content are you publishing on your social media pages and feeds? Is it as and when you feel the urge, or is there a set posting schedule that ensures that content is going up regularly? As mentioned previously, strong brand awareness involves leveraging the mere exposure effect. The more times someone is exposed to a brand (or the organic content it posts), the greater the chance of them committing it to memory.

Focus on user-intent keywords

If you have a website, you’ve got a brand awareness machine just waiting to be oiled up and switched on. By focusing on the search engine optimisation (SEO) elements of your site, and optimising your pages for specific keywords that people type into Google, your branding can end up appearing on the first page – which is the only part of a search engine that most people come into contact with.

Guest blog for websites

Another phenomenal way to increase brand awareness is to tap into other industry-professionals’ networks. For example, if you’re selling makeup, you could reach out to social media influencers in the cosmetics industry, and ask them to share a thought-leadership article of yours with their followers. You, in turn, can offer to load one of their blog articles or videos onto your own website and share it with your network. This will improve the brand awareness of both parties.

How does brand awareness fit into the overall marketing mix, and what other techniques are there to maximise brand impact in the target audience?

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