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Generating leads with PPC campaigns can be quite challenging. Generating high-quality leads is that much harder.  In ecommerce, if a person has the money to buy a product, they can make that purchase right on the website. One person’s money is just as valuable as the next person’s.  Once the sale is concluded, revenue is tracked. If it is all set up properly the revenue is attributed right back to the initial ad click.

Lead generation is nowhere near that simple.

Lead generation leaves the door open for any Tom, Dick or Harry to convert on the first lead conversion stage. This is regardless of their actual ability to buy the end product. Owing to this fact, we need to develop strategies to target higher-quality leads and deter unqualified users from filling out our forms.

Is The Majority Of Your Leads Worthless?

You may find that while PPC advertising is driving revenue for your organisation, the majority of your leads are – in actual fact – wasting your time and money.

If you find yourself in a similar situation it’s important to figure out how you can improve the quality of your PPC leads in order for you to generate a higher ROI in addition to reducing wasted time and financial cost.

Increased Lead Quality Will Lead To Lower Volumes – But Don’t Fret!

When working on improving your lead quality, it’s almost unavoidable that you’ll also lower the number of leads which you’re generating. In an ideal situation, the number of quality leads will go up as overall number of leads declines. This means that you’re avoiding the lower quality leads that are easier to come by and are instead generating leads which are of a higher quality.

When actively working on lead quality, it’s important that you expect several things to take place with respect to your KPIs:

  • Overall lead volume will lower
  • High-quality lead volume may increase
  • The cost per lead usually goes up
  • The cost per high-quality lead should go down
  • Click-through rate typically goes down

Get To Know Your Customer

For most individuals who are running PPC campaigns, be it in the  B2B or B2C space, the primary cause of poor leads/sales is unclear targeting.

There are a lot of ways in which you can improve targeting by making use all of the fancy features that are offered by the PPC platforms of today. But the main thing you need to be sure of is that you know who your ultimate customer is.

If you don’t have an understanding of this person is, then your targeting mistakes will affect many of the other downstream aspects of your campaign. This means that you need to review your data and understand who, exactly, it is that you’re trying to develop into a customer.

Develop A Buyer Persona For Your PPC Campaigns

With this Buyer Persona in place, you’ll be able to put together a portrait of your ideal customer. You can use the information to better target your campaign. This is so that the right people see your ads. In addition, you can also use the information to write better copy within your ads and landing pages.

When you’re putting together a Buyer Persona for a B2B PPC campaign, it can also help to add in a few additional details that you may not otherwise find in a traditional Buyer Persona. You can utilise this information in order to better define your targeting on different ad platforms.

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