How to Get The Most Out of Your Video Marketing

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In recent years video has become a big player in the marketing world, and it’s become a marketing channel of its own, e.g. YouTube.

We find more and more people choosing video as their most preferred way of consuming content.

And it seems like scrolling through static posts will soon become a thing of the past.

So, consumer attitudes towards video are quickly shifting, meaning it’s entirely up to you to meet the uprising demand by giving the people what they want!

There are multiple great ways to incorporate video throughout your marketing efforts, like social media and your website.

Here are the most effective ways your business can add video content to its website experience and social presence:

Most effective ways your business can add video content

1# Share Industry Knowledge

Keep in mind; as a brand, you won’t be able to become a thought leader if you don’t share your thoughts.

Content creation is a key element in establishing your presence as an expert and thought leader in your industry.

Merely sharing a blog post isn’t enough anymore; there is too much noise in the world, and that is why video plays such a huge role in marketing.

Videos can be short and straight to the point while providing the user with value without allowing them to get bored.

Additionally, videos don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg anymore.

There are a ton of video editing tools that come at an affordable price, not to mention that smartphones now have the ability to record high-quality content.

2# Explain Product/Service Benefits

Regardless of what you’re selling, incorporating video will help you in better explaining products or services or service benefits.

Video works well in explaining something complicated or technical. It gives your business a better competitive edge.

3#. Share Your Mission

Business stems from passion.

Although at times that passion seems diluted by words when writing about it.

So, alternatively, use for sharing things like your value proposition and mission statement.

Videos are a great way of grabbing attention and how to build trust immediately.

Because audiences want with conviction and commitment on how you will help your customers in solving their problems, they want to feel an emotional connection what you’re saying.

4# Tackle Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve all ended up bored to death by a solid wall of text.

You start by scrolling through FAQ pages, trying to scan for the information we really want.

And that’s how most buyers drop off.

However, video turns your FAQ page from an informational marathon into something far more fun, easy and engaging.

They are an opportunity to show a bit of brand personality. Ask your employees to join in with answering questions, so that there’s a display of variety on the page.

If you’re looking to keep potentials and or customers engaged on your website, video is a great way to do it.

There are many ways to combine video into your messaging and marketing. Doing so will help you build trust with viewers and stand out from the crowd.

5# Highlight Your Team or Customers

We’ve already touched on a few other ways that video can helps in building consumer trust.

Creating videos introducing your team members will make your customers feel at ease.

They’ll experience a bit of each employee’s charm and personality, and they grow to feel as if these employees are people they personally know.

And that’s how small business invests in creating great customer experiences.

First, they build the trust element for your company.


Well, because video recommendations build trust from a different angle. Like for example, when potential clients watch a problem-solving video regarding, how you’ve solved existing client issues, you receive instant recognition. They somehow happen to themselves in your customers!

The thing here is, videos allow you to build emotional connections between your business and happy clients in ways that written testimonials couldn’t.

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