Digital Marketing Courses in Durban

Digital marketing has proven to be the fastest mode of marketing in the last couple of years. Companies have been generously recruiting digital marketers in order to carry out their digital marketing activities as well as curate impactful strategies to boost their reach and attract a wider audience. Furthermore, researchers have discovered that digital marketing is the most feasible form of marketing and will be the only form of marketing in the next ten years.

Digital marketing skills are very important not only for digital marketing professionals but for anyone who is working in a business with an online presence. This encompasses entrepreneurs, marketing managers, marketing specialists, and small business owners.

Here are the best digital marketing courses in Durban.

Which online course is best for Digital Marketing?

While digital marketing is still a specialised skill, it’s no longer an elite one. Today, thanks to the same internet which spawned digital marketing in the first place, anyone is able to learn it. Whether you’re self-taught, are taking a SETA-accredited course, or are topping up your current skills with the latest trends and tools, there are a number of ways to learn.

Here are the online courses which are best for digital marketing:

  • CareerFoundry Digital Marketing Programme
  • Intermediate Digital Marketing Course from the Digital School of Marketing
  • LinkedIn Learning’s Become a Digital Marketing Specialist Course
  • Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Copyblogger’s Content Marketing Tools and Training
  • Udemy Complete Digital Marketing course
  • Digital School of Marketing’s Advanced Digital Marketing Course
  • Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization course
  • Springboard Digital Marketing Career Track Bootcamp
  • Thinkful Digital Marketing Bootcamp
  • Simplilearn Post Graduate Programme in Digital Marketing Program with Purdue University

What are the main careers in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketers work closely with digital media and technology in order to develop campaigns that promote products and services. They utilise techniques like search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, data analysis and mining, social media management, and email marketing to improve the success of a brand or business.

Digital marketers work heavily on the creative side of marketing via putting together engaging content which will grab the attention of consumers and prompt them to act. This job aligns well with a broad range of industries, from entertainment to business products and services. To become a digital marketer, you need to invest in the knowledge and skills to be able to put together and distribute digital marketing campaigns which will convey your message across any type of platform.

As a digital marketer, you will have the ability to work well in the following areas:

  • Advertising and promotions manager
  • Content strategist or writer
  • Copywriter
  • Digital media director for an agency or company
  • Freelance graphic designer or copywriter
  • Marketing director for an agency or company
  • Marketing manager for an agency or company

How much is a Digital Marketing course in Durban?

The fees for digital marketing courses in Durban on average range between R3 500 to R12 327. However, the fees vary in different institutes depending on the packages chosen as well as the duration of the course.

Where can I study Digital Marketing in Durban?

 There are also many colleges where you can study Digital Marketing in Durban such as Digital School of Marketing, Vega School and Digital Marketing Academy.


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