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Online learning platforms are a great way to learn something new or to expand your existing knowledge on a particular subject. But these days the internet is saturated with E-learning platforms and figuring out where to start can be a little overwhelming.

To make things a little easier let’s take a look at what makes a great online learning platform.

What Students Should Look For In An Online Learning Platform

  • Short Course Formats: E-learning platforms that are based on short course formats are more suitable to distance learning.
  • Certification: It’s always important to ensure that the college you register with is reliable and properly certified. You don’t want to spend money on a qualification that isn’t worth anything.
  • Internationally Recognised: Having a qualification that is internationally recognised is always a cool bonus! This is because it gives you the opportunity to expand your career globally.
  • Easy Registration: An overcomplicated registration system is never good. As an online learner you want the initial sign-up process to be as quick and easy as possible.
  • Accessibility: As a virtual learner you will need an online course that is easily accessible at home or on the go.
  • Course Information: A good online learning platform will have a clear and complete description of each course. This should include information such as the course name, a description of what it entails, notes, assessment and exam schedule, etc.
  • Course Availability: A good platform will allow you to register for more than one course at a time.
  • Customised Learning Material: Having course material that’s available in different formats (digital and an option to print) allows students to learn in a way that is comfortable for each individual.
  • Cool Instructors: One of the most important characteristics of a good online learning platform is having instructors that are helpful, insightful and willing to assist students with all their learning concerns. This is especially important for E-learning where students need a good study support system.
  • Online Exams: This is an important time-saver in distance learning.
  • Payment Plans: Studying can often be on the expensive side. Registering with an online platform – that offers you a few payment options to suit your needs – is always helpful.
  • Study Pack: When you register with any higher learning institute you need to receive some sort of starter kit. The same principle applies to digital learning platforms. A good institute will send you a study pack which usually consists of the basic items like a notebooks, USB sticks, calendars, etc.

The Digital School of Marketing (DSM) Checks Off Every Item On Our List

  • DSM is South Africa’s preferred provider of accredited digital marketing education.
  • We are a unique educational institution due to all of our digital marketing courses being accredited by (MICT SETA) the Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority.
  • DSM is also a member of IAB South Africa and is an endorsed member of the CPD Certification Service of the UK. Our courses are therefore internationally transferable and endorsed.
  • Our college offers an extensive array of digital marketing courses, at the most competitive prices. All courses have easy and flexible payment options, making learning highly sought-after digital marketing skills within everyone’s reach.
  • All of our courses are comprehensively designed and perfectly suited to the demands of the digital marketing industry.

In Summary…

The world of business is constantly evolving which means that it is important for everyone to have a solid grounding in how to market their businesses online. By signing up for a digital marketing course at the Digital School of Marketing you will gain the skills and knowledge to make all your dreams a reality. For more information, visit our website.

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DSM is the only college to offer accredited education in the digital arena. We are accredited by the MICT SETA, CPD UK, SABPP and a member of the IAB. We invite you to visit our website so that you can see how we can help you supercharge your career!

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